Motorola Backflip changes things up

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While I’m glad to see that Motorola has suddenly revitalized themselves by using Android as their OS of choice, instead of relying on their RAZR glory days, the Backflip is a puzzling design.

It does run Moto’s BLUR overlay, which compares to the Sense UI that HTC has mastered, but the way the keyboard is basically the backside of the phone is different. It strikes me as one of those “answers to a question no one asked.” Unless, of course, you happen to be a Motorola engineer, because they
definitely asked that question.

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One thought on “Motorola Backflip changes things up

  • Amazingly, the most interesting part of this device might not even be the reverse hinge design, which flips the keyboard back behind the screen and faces out when not in use, but the fact that there’s a clear-as-day AT&T logo on it — something we’d heard rumored, but dared not believe until we saw it with our own eyes.


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