Rumored Eee Pad tablet makes appearance at CES

It looks like those rumors last month of Asus developing an Eee Pad tablet were accurate, as a concept device was on display among other new tablets at CES. Powered by the new nVidia Tegra 250 chipset, the EeePC Touch Series looked to be potentially running Android. Unfortunately the display unit was a non-working model and no other details were made available, but it's still interesting to see confirmation of Asus developing such a device in the Eee brand. The original rumors indicated the screen size to be between 4 to 7 inches, but this concept certainly seems to be on the larger side of that scale. Could Asus be working on a range of tablets in different sizes?


The design looks pretty sleek with a relatively thin bezel and slim form. Since it packsthe Tegra 250 chipset, we won't need to worry about a lack of processing power, and being grouped into the Eee line-up indicates an affordable price. Hopefully Asus won't keep us waiting and let us know more sooner rather than later!

It's also worth noting that the EeePC tablet was only one of many Tegra 250 powered tablets on display, including devices from Compal and Viewsonic to name but a few (see images below). Does this mean we'll be seeing more devices using the chipset on shelves or is it a false dawn like when the original Tegra launched? Only time will tell…


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