Dell Mini 5 to run newer Android, tells of its family, and other updates from MWC


As previously discovered, the eagerly anticipated Dell Mini 5 (formerly known as the Streak, Slate, and M01M) has been making the rounds at the MWC this week with some lucky people able to try out the device while Dell representatives provided some of the latest updates during Q&A sessions.

So far, all examples of the Dell Mini 5 have been running Android 1.6, but we were happy to hear that the final shipping device will include a newer version. Although at this point it is unclear exactly which version this is likely to be, it's safe to assume it will probably be at least 2.0, which will be further upgradeable as new versions of Android are released in the future. In a Q&A conducted by Carrypad, Dell also revealed that the Mini 5 is not a one-off device but is one of the first devices in an eventual family of products.

Other interesting new information gleaned from the interview included Dell's intention to sell versions of the Mini 5 with and without 3G, the inclusion of a custom tile-based UI with widgets and the full Google Android experience, media capabilities including hardware codecs for H.264 and other video formats, and the ability for the device to playback and output 720p HD video.

Regarding availability, we got the best indication so far with mention of the summer, probably meaning June or July, and confirmation that Dell intends to sell the device globally, subsidized through carriers as well as directly through Dell online and conventional retail channels.

Unfortunately there are still no details regarding prices so we're maintaining our wait-and-see stance on that. Otherwise the device seems to be coming along very nicely with the hardware and software looking close to final, and the interface looking very slick with impressive performance. Chippy's hands-on impressions also mention that the Mini 5 has a very nice hand-holdable form factor and weight, comparing it favorably with the Archos 5 Android. Check out the full video interview/demonstration below and let us know what you think!

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