Dell Mini 5 becoming less shy as it “streaks” towards its debut

Dellm5 This might be painful to hear for some Archos 5 Android owners, but the Dell Mini 5 (aka Streak or M01M) is the 5-inch Android MID that many of us have been waiting for.

The problem is that the tiny tablet has taken so long to hit the market, it's been more of a tease as Android becomes the go-to OS for many devices. But we may be getting closer to the goods, as the Mini 5 has been making more appearances lately.

A few new tidbits have emerged this week, namely a nice photo spread over at Engadget that shows the littlest Dell Mini posing for all to see. While their demo unit looks fairly rough, as evidenced by the rash of scratches on the back surface, it does give a good glimpse of how the size and screen resolution stack up against the iPhone. The dialpad (remember, the Mini 5 will be a full-fledged smartphone like the Nokia N900) looks very unfinished with those large spaces between the keys, unless Dell is going for a retro look.

While Engadget enjoys their time with their not-so-confidential device, one other place that will see the Mini 5 is the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona next week. According to Chippy over at Carrypad, Dell will be displaying the model there and hopefully will be able to shed some light on the unknown details like price, availability, and participating carriers.

We've already seen the Mini 5 from every angle, plus had screenshots galore and even an up-close look at a full teardown. Now it's time for Dell to hurry up and pull back those curtains, turn on those spotlights, and get that online store ready for showtime!

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