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ADW.Launcher sweetens HTC EVO with Froyo flavor

Evo-adwEven if you're not into the hacking scene and don't want to flash a Froyo ROM, you can still get a small taste of Froyo-flavored goodness on your HTC EVO 4G.

It doesn't have the actual speed or full functionality of Android 2.2, of course, but ADW.Launcher makes your EVO look like it's running the latest version of the mobile operating system (compare what you see at right to a screenshot of the real 2.2 home screen).

The launcher/home screen replacement app features the Froyo dock (the phone and browser icons can be switched out with any other app, which I don't think is possible in stock Froyo), 5 home screens (this is a downgrade from the 7 screens available with HTC Sense), and support for home screen rotation. It can also be customized with the horizontal app drawer found on Samsung's Galaxy S phones and has a bunch of settings to tweak the UI, hide the status bar, apply themes, adjust the app grid, and remove app labels (among other things).

ADW.Launcher is available for free download in Android Market, where you can also find themes.

Evo-adw (1)

Evo-adw (2)

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14 thoughts on “ADW.Launcher sweetens HTC EVO with Froyo flavor

  • It should be said that you can enable 7 home screens in the options.

    Screen preferences > Desktop Screens

  • I use the Helix app and it has the same live wallpaper.

  • Avatar of weehooherod

    Apparently greater than and lesser than signs don’t work. I meant to say LauncherPro is the best.

  • Avatar of corpsitron

    I also vote for LauncherPro. I played around with several launchers this past week and LauncherPro is by far the best.

  • I’ll add in my vote for LauncherPro – I also played with several over the past week, and LauncherPro has been the most stable in addition to having a better app drawer (3d, a la Froyo) and customization menus than ADW.
    I like the look and feel of ADW, but it’s not quite “there” yet, if you know what i mean. Maybe in a few months the kinks will have been worked out.

  • Hopefully in a few months, we’ll have the official HTC/Sprint 2.2 ROM. :)

  • How do these launchers replace/interact with HTC sense? I’d love to try out the other launchers, but is it as easy as installing, messing around, and uninstalling to go back to Sense?


  • Nick, you won’t be able to use your Sense widgets with any of the market launchers. Most of the HTC widgets are backed into the Sense/Rosie UI directly.

    I’ve read that they can be “hacked into” them, but haven’t attempted these mods.

  • Avatar of MajorKnuckles

    Co-sign for LauncherPro.

  • I also have LauncherPro, which I like. However I haven’t been able to find many themes that are compatible with Launcher. (only about 6-7) do you know where I might be able to find them?

  • Whenever you hit the “Home” key or a function option that should take you from an app to the Home screen, you’ll see a popup allowing you to choose between the HTC Sense launcher/home screen option and any other launcher you might have installed. The phone will REPEATEDLY ask you to chose the launcher you want to use unless you set the DEFAULT checkbox and then you’re “stuck” with that launcher you’ve chosen. You can UNDO the default launcher choice by going to the Application Management setting, finding the launcher that is installed that you have chosen as “default” and “clear defaults” associated with that launcher


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