Final Dell Streak beta survey asks for input on price

Streak-beta-wk4 (1)The final week of the month-long Dell Streak beta test period officially came to an end today, which means the Week 4 survey was sent out via text message.

The questions were more interesting than those asked in prior surveys, as you'll see below, but nothing can be gleaned from them that could put any of the rumors to rest. It would seem that pricing may not be finalized yet, though, as there are questions about what beta testers would expect both the subsidized and unlocked prices to be.

Even if the feedback won't really be taken into consideration, I'm pleased that Dell is at least asking for input on price (there's nothing about the Streak's operating system or 3G network compatibility). It suggests that the device could be priced very competitively, which is always a good thing.

Streak-beta-wk4 (2)

Streak-beta-wk4 (3) 

Streak-beta-wk4 (4) 

Streak-beta-wk4 (5) 

Streak-beta-wk4 (6)

Streak-beta-wk4 (7)

Streak-beta-wk4 (8)

Streak-beta-wk4 (9)

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6 thoughts on “Final Dell Streak beta survey asks for input on price

  • Thanks Jenn for the update :)

    What really got my attention was the “customer video testimonial” .. It means somehow that Dell is indeed working on a marketing campaign .. I’m concerned that it’s not launched till now, which would mean more delays to the release!

  • Avatar of Plazmic Flame

    The pricing is going to be really important just because of the alternatives out there. For those who are looking for some type of MID/Tablet, pricing the Streak at $499 is a bit up there, just because for the same price you could get an iPad.

    While looking at it from an Android OS point of view, the Captivate is supposedly going to be $349 full price, which is pretty amazing. I’d say that $399 is the magic number for the Dell Streak.

  • So, even though it’s free on contract in the UK, you can’t even select free on the survey. That’s kind of disappointing. Not that I expected to it to be free, but still, wish we could get something for putting up with the delay.

  • Yeah at $400 I would buy the Dell Streak no problem. I’m not sure if it is feasible to use it as a phone for me, but as a tablet, hell yeah. $500 is pushing it.

    At $400, Dell would have a real victory over every single Android Tablet in that form factor, easily.

  • Wow, I’m glad to see there is nothing over 500. If they dropped it down a 100 it would be enough to keep waiting for.

  • You guys are such suckers. If you would start talking about how LOW its price should be rather than how HIGH you would go, you would be indicating that you would not like to go broke so fast. Brother, don’t you think that Dell and others watch the rich nuts to see how much they can blow? Get real!


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