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Different version of Stage UI for Dell Streak spotted [Updated]


If you're not already familiar with the new Dell Stage user interface included in the Streak's Android 2.2 update, don't worry about being out of the loop because it's what you're looking at above. On the left is the Home widget, and on the right is the Home widget.

Wait, what? Two variations of the Home widget, both claiming to belong to Stage? Yep. The Stage UI that Engadget saw a few weeks ago (left) and the one baked into DJ_Steve's Froyo build (right) also a few weeks ago are not one and the same.

Which one actually made it to the official update is something that only someone with the official update can tell you. No, no, don't look at me. I've got Steve's latest build (version 1.3) purring on my AT&T-locked Streak, so all I've got are some observations based on what's shown in Engadget's pics versus what I've seen myself (and shown you on video).

There are several cosmetic differences that are immediately apparent:

  • Only one set of widgets has names/labels
  • Both sets use different icons
  • Both sets have different designs: black vs silver/gray "stages" (for lack of a better word), tilted vs straight panels, background images on panels

And upon closer inspection, there also seems to be completely different widgets.

The version in DJ_Steve's build includes 7 Stage widgets: Home, Email, Web, Gallery, Social, Music, and Contacts. It isn't clear how many widgets were in the version that Engadget saw, but there are definitely more than just 7 there.

I don't know if these are the real names, but here's what I see in the pics: Home, Web, Gallery, Music, Contacts, News, Books, Video, and Radio. Assuming there's also an Email widget that just didn't make it into the photo shoot, that's a total of 10 widgets.


The radio widget is particularly interesting considering that the Streak's built-in FM radio is hidden in previous builds, the beta build of the 2.2 ROM didn't include it, and the company makes no mention of it in its official update documentation.

All of the widgets look different, but here are the "new" ones (books, video, news):




So which version of Dell Stage is the final one? If you're one of the lucky ones who have already received the official update, then you tell us.

See the rest of the "other Stage" pics in Engadget's gallery.

Thanks, X-Man!

UPDATE 11/18: The final version of Dell Stage is not the one seen on Engadget. It is the one previously shown here at StreakSmart.

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