Dell Streak 7 sunlight visibility

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My Dell Streak 7 doesn't get to leave the house very often because although it can stay connected when I'm away from WiFi thanks to T-Mobile's 3G/4G network, it usually doesn't have a SIM in it. Because except for when I tried to use it as a phone, the device shares the role of WiFi-only Android tablet with my Samsung Galaxy Tab and stays home.

But since yesterday was such a sunny day and I know there are people out there thinking about using the Streak 7 while outside and on-the-go (imagine that!), I decided to take the device to the park to see whether its 7" screen performs as well as the Streak 5's screen does (pics of that here).

Screen brightness is maxed out in all of the photos, so what you see is literally the best you'll be able to see when you're in direct sunlight (on a mostly cloudless day in Hawaii, anyway).

I actually just did a factory reset and didn't have time to set anything up before I took the pictures, so yes, you're looking at stock Android 2.2 with all the stock Stage widgets. The device is in airplane mode too and has no connectivity whatsoever; hey, I only said that I was taking it to the park, not that I was going to actually use it there. I was at the park with my husband and baby girl, so the Streak 7 only spent a few minutes in the fresh air before going into my husband's back pocket.

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The entire face of the Streak 7 is glossy and, as you can see above, highly reflective. I think you can see more of the tree's reflection on the screen than the app icons in the Stage Home widget.

Streak-7-sunlight (5)

The display is obviously much more visible when viewed in the shade, though again, it's very reflective.

Streak-7-sunlight (8)

If you plan to use the Streak 7 in direct sunlight, the best way to do it is to use your shadow as shade, which is what I did for the photo above. The screen is perfectly readable like this, though with the screen cranked up to its highest setting, battery life will obviously be more of an issue than it already is.

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