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How to switch ROMS on your rooted HTC EVO without losing data

This guest tutorial was written by MildlyDisturbed.

Evo-mybackuproot So, you've successfully rooted your HTC EVO 4G and have a couple of custom ROM flashes under your belt (complete guide on how to do those things here). And now you're thinking about flashing another shiny new ROM you just read about, but you don't want to have to download all your applications and lose your Angry Birds data again.

You probably already know you can create a "clone" or "ghost image" of your current ROM with a Nandroid backup (tutorial here) so that you can try out a new ROM and flash back to the old one at any time. But did you also know that you can take all of your games, other apps, text messages, call logs, account settings, home screens (with shortcut positions), and bookmarks with you to that new ROM  and not have to waste time redownloading and reconfiguring them?

If your answer is "yes," then this tutorial is not for you. But if it's "no," then read on.

There are two apps I've used that have traveled with me across ROMs. These are MyBackup Root (free) and Titanium Backup (mostly free). Titanium is one of G&E's recommended root apps and is the best for me due to its additional features, but since it's kind of overkill for a simple ROM migration, let's go with MyBackup Root for this article.

Here are the app's highlights from the Market description:

  • 0-click batch backup of applications APK+Data and Market links, including protected apps
  • 0-click batch restore of applications APK+Data and Market links
  • Unlimited amount of backups
  • Scheduled backups
  • Backup to SD card (online option for Pro users)
  • Backup of Photos
  • Data backup supported between different ROMs of Contacts, Call log, Browser bookmarks, SMS (text messages), MMS, Calendar, System Settings, Home Screens (including shortcut positions), Alarms, Dictionary, Music Playlists, and more

And here's the QR code so you can follow along.


In the following scenario, you've just rooted your EVO (tutorial here) but have not flashed a new ROM yet.

1. Make a Nandroid backup of your current/old ROM just to be on the safe side.

2. Run MyBackup Root and back up everything you want to bring to the new ROM to your EVO's SD card. I suggest just selecting everything (Backup > Applications & Media or Data > Local (SD Card) > Select all > OK > APKs + DATA). The app will do its business and back things up.

3. Now go ahead and flash your shiny new ROM.

4. In your new ROM, go to the Market and download MyBackup Root again.

5. In MyBackup Root, choose to restore whatever you want; I do not suggest restoring Android Home or System Settings. All the apps you had on your phone will be automatically reinstalled with all the settings and data from the previous ROM.

Note: If you insist on using Titanium Backup instead, then the batch backup/restore operations menu is where you want to be. Keep in mind that automatic batch restore requires Titanium Backup Pro (~$6 in the Market); manual batch restore, where you need to approve each app's re-installation individually, is included in the free version.


Remember that custom ROMs vary wildly, so what works on one may not always work on another. And although this backup method generally works wonders, it's always a good idea to keep a Nandroid backup handy (maybe even on the computer) just in case you need to start over again.

Always treat any ROM flash as a potential for losing all the data on your EVO. I've flashed many ROMs and have never lost all of my data, but I don't want to feel guilty if you lose all of your data. So back it up, buddy!

This guest tutorial was written by MildlyDisturbed.

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