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Root System Font Installer simplifies changing system fonts on rooted HTC EVO 4G

Evo-font-installer There are several ways to change the system fonts on your rooted HTC EVO 4G.

You can flash a font pack, flash a custom ROM that has the feature built in (e.g., VaelPak), or use an app like Root System Font Installer ($0.99), which will change the fonts without making you boot into recovery or manually flash anything.

What makes this app more appealing than some of its competitors is that over 200 fonts are included. Other apps will make you hunt down fonts by yourself and while that's the right thing to do since some fonts are copyrighted and others are only free for personal use, the convenience of having them already listed, viewable, downloadable, and installable directly from the app can't be denied.

If you want to stick to the straight and narrow, though, then please feel free to research whether the font you want is copyrighted before you use it. Otherwise, you can find out more about this app and see some additional screenshots below.

IMPORTANT: Do a Nandroid backup (tutorial here) if you're worried that changing the system fonts will somehow screw up your EVO.

Evo-font-installer (1) Evo-font-installer (2)

Evo-font-installer (3) Evo-font-installer (4)

Root System Font Installer couldn't be any easier to use.

Just scroll through the fonts, tap the one you want, confirm that you want to download/install it, and then reboot your EVO. It's not always necessary to reboot, as sometimes the change is applied immediately, but there's no harm in doing it and it can sometimes work out the kinks.

Evo-font-installer (6) Evo-font-installer (5)

Note that some fonts may not play nicely with all of your apps. If you run into one that causes trouble, don't worry about it. Just install a different one or go back to the default font (Droid Sans, shown above left).

Root System Font Installer is available for $0.99 from Android Market. It works perfectly on Myn's Warm Z TwoPointTwo, my current daily driver, but may not necessarily work on whatever ROM you're running on your EVO.


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