T-Mobile in-store display has one lonely Dell Streak 7

Streak-7-tmobile-display (1) In honor of the Dell Streak 7 turning one month old today, I stopped off at a T-Mobile store to buy it a couple of presents.

Even though the carrier has always done a good job in promoting the device and I've seen the in-store display before, I've become so used to the way AT&T has completely shunned the original Streak that I always kind of gawk at seeing the Streak 7 on display in a store.

That's the display you're looking at on the right. The store itself is pretty small so there isn't a whole lot of room for an elaborate setup dedicated to a single device, but I admit that it's still pretty weak. There's a lone Streak 7, three accessories (dock, screen protector, and gel skin), a pricing flyer, and two banners. On the opposite side of all of this is a similar setup for the Samsung Galaxy Tab; T-Mobile clearly isn't playing favorites with its Android tablets, though I can't help but mention that its "first 4G tablet" is the one facing the entrace of the store.

Streak-7-tmobile-display (3)

There were only about 5 or 6 other people in the store and, as you can see, I didn't have to wait for the crowd to thin out before taking advantage of the active 4G connection, loading StreakSmart on the display model, or taking the pictures.

Streak-7-tmobile-display (2)

There was some evidence of customer use on the device, though, as what I assume are teenagers tested out the keyboard and typed some kind of "David is better than you. No he's not" nonsense in the Google search bar. Oh well. At least they had enough sense to spend some time with the Streak 7.

How are the displays at the T-Mobile in/around your area?

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