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Kernel Manager now available in Android Market


Wow. Team Win sure doesn't waste any time.

Just days after we first heard about Kernel Manager, which simplifies and automates the old multi-step process of finding, researching, downloading, and flashing new kernels on a rooted HTC EVO 4G, the app has now been released to the public.

As of today, Kernel Manager Lite (free) and Kernel Manager Pro ($3.99) are both available in Android Market.


The number of kernels included in Kernel Manager will only grow over time, so this is sure to become an essential app in most rooted EVO users' toolkits. Additional features will probably be added in future updates as well.

The app isn't exclusive to the EVO either; many other phones are already supported with more to come in the future, which means that it's only a matter of time before something bearing the Team Win name is on every rooted Android phone in the world.

Anyone try it yet?

Links: Market (EVO) | Market (web)

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13 thoughts on “Kernel Manager now available in Android Market

  • Avatar of Dnomyar220

    I plan on getting this today to go along with CM7. Does anyone know how I can check compatibility with my current ROM? Is this something that kernel manager will tell me or will I have to read about it in the comments for the kernel? Usually I only use whatever comes with the rom…

  • Kernel Manager tells you when you select a kernel, before you actually install it. It’ll say “kernel flavor” (or something like that) and then it’ll say, AOSP or SENSE or MIUI or whatever… good to go

  • So are these all AOSP kernels at this point? I am still running rooted sense and just wanted to get better battery life with a new kernel.

  • Avatar of Arnold Schwarzengger

    The Lite one is free, the Pro one costs $3.99

  • Well played Governator….well played.

  • Lite one won’t let you filter results.

    However, as it only pops up 4 kernels, I don’t think that’s an issue. And only 1 that would run with the rom I’m running. And it’s not the stock or the replacement I use…

    I’m pretty sure this is because this app has been out for a total of 8 hours or so, but I feel the need to post some sort of trollish statement about not having any choice and how TeamWin stole the idea of charging for a product from FullHDMI. I’m not really feeling it though.

    Great concept for a program, hope to see Net’s kernels in there shortly.

  • Everybody needs a dumb ass answer like this.

  • Avatar of DREW_WORLD_ORDER

    So I cannot use any of those kernels for my Mynz Warm TwoPointTwo RLS5?

  • anyone having problems with running the lite version? im on myns warm z rs1 and i keep getting force closes instantly from kernel manager lite :(

  • Avatar of CrippleB

    Lite fc’d on me. Not sure I want to pay for an app if it won’t work. Using Warm Z 2.2

  • Does anyone here use omj rom? I want to know which kernel is the best for a better battery life. Thanks

  • Im using MIUI 1.4.8 Can i use any kernel? and Which one has the best battery life? Thanks


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