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Radio Shack internal email says HTC EVO 3D could launch June 4th


With Best Buy, Sprint, and Radio Shack all currently taking preorders for the HTC EVO 3D and various bits of info that seem to point to a June release, another piece of "evidence" that seems to confirm what many of us already believe (and what some claim to know as absolute fact) is kind of like beating a dead horse. But since it's already down and the lead pipe is already in our hands, there's no point in stopping now.

The latest alleged leak is an internal email sent to a "Team" at Radio Shack from someone who knows how to include the company's corporate logo in his/her signature. It's tough to make out in the photo (you can read the transcription below), but "Rough launch date is June 4th" is what's boxed in red.

Exactly how rough is "rough"? I don't know but with June just two weeks away, I'm sure it won't be long before we find out. I've actually heard that Sprint is supposed to announce the release date today (and depending on what time you're reading this, maybe they already have) but if they don't, then go ahead and put another tally mark in the "early June release" column.

Here's what the photo/email says:


We need to be all over this EVO 3D pre order. This is HUGE! This can make or break your quarter! This can pull any store out of the red and get you to your quarterly bonus. We have to talk it up with every customer. Below are a few hot points to cover with your teams. Don't wait to execute on this, we need to start today!

  • Pre orders can be taken today!!! See details on ANSO
  • Rough launch date is June 4th
  • No idea on pricing but we normally have the lowest price, plus trade and save
  • A pre order guarantees the customer a phone
  • A smart team will call back every wireless contact regardless of whether you have already spoke with them to talk about this pre sale

It may not be the most professional email, but it still seems pretty legitimate. The launch date could also just be the sender's best guess, though, so even if the email is real, it may not mean much.

If only Sprint would just put an end to this little goose chase and tell us what we want to hear.

[XDA via Android Central] Thanks, Nick!

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