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How did the Gingerbread update affect your HTC EVO 4G battery life?

Evo-4g-gingerbread-battery Although the official Gingerbread update (version 4.22.651.2) released for the HTC EVO 4G last week certainly has its share of problems, most users would agree that Android 2.3.3 brought more good than bad to their one-year-old phones.

Other than a nice boost in responsiveness, battery life is among the most cited improvements that I've been hearing about in the comments, the forum, and elsewhere on the web. Increased battery life isn't specifically mentioned in Sprint's release notes, but enough users are mentioning it to make it worth discussing.

How's your EVO's battery been since the update?

I'm running the rooted update and as you can see from the screenshot, my standby battery life with WiFi always on has been outstanding. I use multiple phones on multiple carriers (I have Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon service), so they all spend more time in standby than they would if they were my only phone. Pair that with the recent flood of EVO 3D news, and you can see why my EVO 4G and I haven't spent any quality time during the past 5.5 days. I've used various custom ROMs based on April's Gingerbread leak before the OTA was released, and my standby battery life has never been anywhere near this good.

Standby time isn't as useful to most of you as active usage, of course, so let us all know what Sprint's official flavor of Gingerbread has done to your regularly-used EVO in the comments.

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