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External battery chargers available for HTC EVO 3D

Chichitech Batteries + charger Do you miss your HTC EVO's external battery charger? Me too. Lucky for us, more options are springing up every day.

G&E has already covered the option of Seidio extended batteries as well as some of the more inexpensive ways to boost using generic batteries. After having endured the much-covered battery charging saga with the HTC EVO 4G, I have been anxious to see external battery chargers become available for the EVO 3D. So here's my recommendation: 2 x 1930 mAh batteries with an external wall charger from Amazon.

I had purchased a set just like this from Chichitech for my EVO 4G and never had an issue with the batteries. Soon after, I got word from family who had gone with another company and had nothing but problems with those batteries not holding charge, etc. (which has been widely reported by users). So while this isn't the most inexpensive option, it may fall under the "you get what you pay for" category. Chichitech is US based so shipping is much faster as well. Other than root, having a solid external charger and extended battery was the one thing I miss most. Now I can remedy that.

So have a look around on Amazon and eBay. The HTC EVO 3D has been out long enough for at least a few options to spring up and there are cheaper options out there if this price tag seems too high. Buyers are always advised to go through sites like eBay and Amazon to protect themselves against any headaches. As always, let us know what has worked for you.

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