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Review: Seidio ACTIVE case for HTC EVO 3D

Seidio Active case image You may have seen that G&E recently awarded ten lucky people one of Seidio's two new HTC EVO 3D cases, the ACTIVE and CONVERT.

Not being one of the winners and having yet to hear back on impressions on the case, I picked up an ACTIVE case for myself to see how it stacked up against others. For those that don't know, the Seidio line of products are marketed as the Platinum Series for Best Buy. In this instance, the Cruiser Case is the same as the ACTIVE case.

The Seidio ACTIVE case for HTC EVO 3D can be found on for as low as $18.79, depending on how picky you are about the skeleton color (available in black, blue, red, green).

Having been an HTC EVO 4G OtterBox user, I have grown fond of the dual-layer protection style of case. While a touch larger than most simple plastic cases, these can usually withstand the small oopsies that we all encounter. That being said, your mileage will likely vary for falls from anything above waist level. I've just grown tired of my cases "saving" my phone but killing themselves in the process. But I digress.

After trying the OtterBox Defender Series for the EVO 3D, the ACTIVE was a welcome change for me. It was much more pocket-friendly and did not take all my patience when the occasional need to remove the case arose.

 Seidio Active empty front

Picking up where they left off with the HTC EVO 4G case, Seidio has created a nice blend of protection and style. The materials seem quite durable, although I had read reports from 4G users that the skeleton piece frequently experienced broken prongs. Hopefully this is not the case with this model.

Seidio Active empty back

The ACTIVE Shell silicone layer is what creates the bulk of the case. It's a "highly durable polymer that covers vital ports and controls." While the case does protect ports and controls nicely, those looking to have an actual "cover" for the ports should turn to the Seidio CONVERT or OtterBox line. All of the vital components (volume rocker, power toggle, 2D-3D switch, MHL port, and headset jack) are accessible to the user with the case in place.

Silicone by its very nature is a lint magnet and this material is no different, but it does attract less than the silicone found on other lower-grade cases I have tried previously.

Seidio Active right side

The second layer, which is the ACTIVE Skeleton, fits over the ACTIVE Skin and provides extra protection at impact points such as corners and sides.

Seidio Active pieces

Once installed, the outer skeleton does not slip and seems to have a very firm grip on the silicone it rests on top of. I was fairly surprised by this given the relative flexibility and thin nature of the skeleton itself.

Seidio Active front 2

The overall feel of the case is very comfortable. The grooves and bumps provided by the silicone actually provide a great deal of grip; it feels sleek without being slippery. The protected EVO 3D feels natural to hold and is not overly bulked up with the protection provided.

Seidio Active camera pod 1

The primary reason I clothe my EVOs is the way HTC designs their camera pods. Without having a recessed design, this very large piece of the phone is very susceptible to damage, scratches, and the like. When I choose a case, I consider first whether or not the rear of the case is deep enough to keep the camera pod from direct surface contact. If not, the deal's off.

Seidio Active camera pod 2

HTC's new button design on the 3D creates a mushier feel even without a case.

That being said, I have not felt the case impacts the travel and feedback of the power button or volume rocker. They work fine with no extra effort to depress them.

Seidio Active bottom left

Seidio claims the ACTIVE skeleton protects at points of impact, most notably the corners. So far I have had no issues with small everyday bumps and drops. The case has not budged and my phone (or the case itself) hasn't shown any wear or damage.

Seidio Active bottom right

Any case adds bulk (roughly 2.2mm), but the ACTIVE case allows you to be relatively slim, given how much protection you get with it.

Seidio Active comparison

  Seidio Active right side 2
Seidio Active top right
Seidio Active back skeleton off

So in conclusion, this is the best and most appropriate case for my needs thus far. Having found the OtterBox Defender to be way too bulky for me, and the simple flexible shell cases you can find all over the place to be lacking adequate protection (they also tend to dig under and lift the corners of screen protectors, which is not cool), I feel like Goldilocks has found the one that's just right.

Until something else comes along that is.

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