AltDrawer 0.7.1 allows you to customize your own Dell Streak app drawer

Altdrawer-preview Many Dell Streak users prefer to choose a more customizable launcher over their preferred ROM's stock offering, so they can tweak it to their liking. However, we rarely get to modify and customize the look and feel of another aspect of our daily pocket tablet usage: the app drawer. Even though we see it every day, we tend to modify it very little; whatever the launcher comes with, we accept.

Well, now you can modify the inner workings of your app drawer, with AltDrawer by xda-developer xuso

AltDrawer is a launcher-independent app drawer that allows a great deal of customization, so it'll work just the way you want it to. You can select from three types of app drawer styles (list, grid, or horizontal paged), as well as change the background image and color, show or hide page number indications, select apps to hide, and various other tweaks. You can even backup and restore app drawer configurations. 

[Good and EVO]
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