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AOSP dock available for rooted HTC EVO 4G using Sense 1.0 ROMs [Updated w/instructional video]

2011-10-20_15-33-27Who could forget that cool little dock that was introduced in Gingerbread?

It looks very nice and I'm sure a lot of you HTC EVO 4G users out there have wanted it. Maybe some of you switched to AOSP ROMs or use LauncherPro with a themed dock just to get it.

But what about you guys using stock Sense? No Gingerbread dock for you. You're stuck using that spherical Sense dock that gives way too much screen real estate to the "Phone" button.

Luckily, thanks to tommytomatoe's genius coding and some minor theming by yours truly, you can actually have the Gingerbread dock on a Sense ROM!

Granted, this is only going to work if your HTC EVO 4G is rooted and it must be running a 4.53 OTA-based ROM like Swagged Out Stock, Smooth N Sexy, EVO4G TN Edition, The EVO Classic (this is looking good by the way), or any of the stock, deodexed ROMs floating around. Hypothetically, this should work on 4.24 and 4.22 OTA-based ROMs as well, but it will not work with Sense 2.0+ or AOSP ROMs.

You qualify? All right, let's get your dock looking AOSP-like.

2011-10-20_16-08-22 2011-10-20_16-08-29

First, the base. Tommytomatoe made this nice dock a few days ago. It's a Sense dock that has been resized and the left and right button actions have been swapped. This moves Apps to the center and Phone to the left. Also, the right button has been redefined to go to the LaunchKey app, which most custom 4.53 OTA-based ROMs will have this pre-installed. If not, head over here to grab a free copy. Another nice feature is the app drawer contains five columns too.

That's all the sweetness tommytomatoe added to this dock, and here's where I come in. I saw this dock and knew exactly what I was going to do. There were only about ten files I needed to replace, so I dug out the proper icons from one of kushdeck's AOSP ROMs and Google'd around for the dock background.

Using my theming talents and 7-zip, I dropped the right files in and . . . presto! The deed was done.

I have packaged these up in to MetaMorph themes to be easy to install on all of the previously mentioned ROMs. Simply download the file and use MetaMorph to install them.

If you would like to revert to the stock dock, push the Rosie.apk that came with your ROM to /system/app using ADB or re-flash your ROM. Swagged Out Stock users can use this MetaMorph theme. Enjoy!

Update: Here's an instructional video of how to install MetaMorph themes. Sorry for the funky music.

Download: tommytomatoe's original dock | My AOSP-inspired dock

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