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Lookit! scavenger hunt is another use for your HTC EVO's camera


HTC EVOs have great cameras. Whether we're talking about the powerful 8-megapixel camera of the original HTC EVO 4G or the dual 5-megapixel shooter (pun intended) of the HTC EVO 3D, these phones pack some serious hardware and take some mind-blowing pics in the right conditions.

Well, why not share your EVO photography skills while partaking in a worldwide scavenger hunt?

Lookit! hosts a daily themed scavenger hunt for an online community scattered all over the world. It encourages players to share a photo of something related to the theme. Pictures are submitted via email and displayed online for others to view, enjoy, and rate. With the exception of Sunday, there is a daily mission displayed on the website; notifications can also be sent by email or Twitter.

Lookit! is a fun and challenging game. To participate, all you need to do is grab a cell phone camera like the one on your EVO and register for a free account.

The game provides a way to see images from all over the world. I've seen someone's cold, rainy weather photo posted next to my hot, scorching weather pic. Another highlight of the missions is that they can sometimes be interpreted in creative ways. Some themes can be taken literally, while others can be captured in abstract ways that make you read between the lines.


Submitting your daily mission pic is a breeze. Verify the theme, find a photo op, snap a picture, and email it to Lookit! using the address associated with your account. Check out the short Virgin Guide for detailed game rules.

Within a couple of minutes, your photo will be displayed alongside all recently submitted pictures. Players are encouraged to view and vote on each other's photo based on a 4-star rating system. The photo with the best score for each mission is added to the site's "Winners Gallery." Players can also earn and accumulate award badges that will be displayed alongside their photos and profile.

Lookit! has an iOS app available, and an Android version is coming soon. The app should allow users to submit their photos and view/rate pictures from other players. Timing and pricing of the Android app is not currently available, but users can sign up on website for future notifications. Maybe they will need beta testers?

Jeff Clark created Lookit! in November 2009 as a way for he and his friends to share photos with each other throughout the day. Later joined by his pal Tanner, they both continued to work on Lookit! and further enhance it to become a great place for hundreds of people to share their creativity and humor daily.

Jeff and Tanner both work as full-time engineers in Boston, so work on Lookit! is usually done on nights and weekends. Since it is really a labor of love, it is made playable free of charge and without the use of any intrusive ads. Seeing the unique ways that people use their camera phones is payment enough for these guys.

Anyone with a smartphone can play; of course the better the camera, the better the photos. We've got that covered with the EVO. So now your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to prove just how good your EVO's camera is and share it with others. Maybe now is a good time to grab that macro lens or telescope lens.

Will you see your name in the Winners Gallery soon?

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