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Hi3D views and shares all your pictures in 3D

There is no good screen grab of this application, and yes that is Steel PantherHi3D boasts that it's the only application in the world for viewing 2D photos in 3D in real time. While we've previously featured an app with similar functionality, Hi3D does it in real time, full sized. If you're on an HTC EVO 3D, your 2D pictures suddenly look as though they were taken in 3D. 

It is also said to work for red/cyan SBS format on any Android device. You can view your 3D MPO/JPS files right alongside your 3D-ified 2D pictures, which aren't perfect but still look amazingly good.

Hi3D comes in two flavors, a light version that appears to tag all your up-dimensioned photos and has some advertising floating, and a pay version for $2.99 that presumably skips the ads and tagging.

If you're viewing on an HTC EVO 3D, make sure to select the correct 3D mode (2D > 3D preference) or you'll get the red/cyan display, and if you're doing this on an EVO 4G, make sure to grab a pair of glasses.

This QR code is not as impressive as Wil Wheaton's QR code, and for that I has a sadThere's a fairly extensive video demonstration of the application here; however, it's 11 minutes long and you can't really see the 3D. In contrast, it only takes about a minute to download and check it out for yourself.

It's a fairly full featured little app right out of the gate. I'm interested to see where the developer goes from here.

Download: Google Play

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