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Get useful notifications on your phone with ActiveNotifications

ActiveNotifications lockscreenThe notification light is blinking on your phone. For me, this means we’re looking at an email, a missed a phone call, a mention in a tweet, a tag on Facebook, maybe a text message – in other words, the only thing I know is that my phone wants me to look at it. ActiveNotifications gives you a lock screen that tells you what you should look at it, along with options to launch that app.

When a notification comes in, the screen turns on and displays the icon of what is requesting your attention. Pressing the icon will display the notification, sliding up will launch the application, sliding down will allow you to unlock the device, and sliding left or right will allow you to dismiss the notification.

The app is set to not enable the screen when it’s in your pocket or face down on a table, so accidental lightups should be mostly taken care of. With the premium version, you can also configure it to stop lighting up at night, so you’re not bugged by the room’s ambient light raising and lowering.

I’ve seen a few custom ROMs with lockscreens like this built in, but for those who are not rooted, this brings a much-needed level of functionality that is pretty darn useful.

ActiveNotifications lockscreen on Google PLayActiveNofitications is free for most features; however, if you want to select custom timeouts, have the ability to hide certain information from text messages, or automatically switch off the screen after dismissing a notification, you’ll have to shell out 99 small ones to unlock those features.

AndroidNotifications requires Android 4.0+. It also makes use of the new NotificationListnerService in Android 4.3, if you’ve got it.

Download: Google Play

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