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T-Mobile increases data hotspot to 3GB for existing unlimited subscribers

ScreenshotT-Mobile’s revised Simple Choice plans are set to launch in just three days on March 23, and will give most people more data for the same price, and throw in unlimited international texting, as well. Lots of people have been very vocal about the fact that T-Mobile is actually raising the price of unlimited data by $10/month, although customers who opt for the more expensive option will see their tethering bucket increased from 2.5GB to 5GB – and we’ve been told that users who are content with their existing unlimited plan won’t be forced to change.

And as it turns out, it looks like T-Mobile is actually throwing existing unlimited data subscribers a bone by increasing their hotspot data to 3GB, instead of 2.5GB. In other words, this means that people who currently subscribe to the $70/month unlimited plan will continue to enjoy unlimited data on their phones for the same price, they will get an additional 0.5GB of data to use for tethering (3GB total), and T-Mobile is also adding unlimited international texting to their plans, as well.

For new customers who want truly unlimited data, yes – they will have to pay $10/month more than existing customers. There is no getting around the fact that this is a price increase. But other carriers should learn something from the way T-Mobile has approached this – literally all existing Simple Choice subscribers are getting extra goodies added to their plans for free, and even with the price increase, the new plans will probably be more appealing to most people.

If you’re an existing unlimited subscriber, check your account now – the extra 0.5GB should already be showing up in your account.

Well played, T-Mobile. Well played.

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