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Aroma recovery switcher released for GSM HTC One M8s

ClockworkMODIf you’re already rooted and want to switch recoveries, until now you’ve probably needed a computer involved to get things working due to the newness of the phone. However, if you’re not on Sprint or Verizon, there’s a tool for you now that will allow you to switch between PhilZ Touch Recovery and TWRP without the aid of a computer.

There are not many reasons I can think of to switch between recoveries when you’ve got a working one, but I’m on Monday imagination, which is severely limited by lack of caffeine and pollen count.

You’ll need a bootloader-unlocked device with a custom recovery already installed on it, but after that’s done you can keep this flashable Aroma package around to switch recoveries on the fly if you want.

Currently the options are TWRP and PhilZ, but should any other recoveries be released they’ll probably get included in it as well. As PhilZ Touch works with both TWRP format and ClockworkMOD format, I’ve generally found it to be my recovery of choice, and the versions of TWRP that were first released for the M8 were pretty terrible, but your preferences and the current status of TWRP may be different.

The only option I really wish this had was the option to install a stock recovery, so you can take an OTA if you need, and the option on a reboot to reinstall a custom recovery before you get back into the Android running mode where Superuser may have been disabled by the OTA.

But it’s a pretty neat little start.

Remember, if you’re on a CDMA version of the phone, this will not work for you. I’m not sure how much of a brick they’re claiming in the warnings for the recovery switcher, but when I flashed a non-Sprint recovery I at least couldn’t get back into recovery mode. I was able with the aid of a computer to get a custom recovery loaded, but that sort of would defeat the purpose of this mod.

It should also be noted that this mod, at this point, does not keep the custom recoveries up to date, so if there’s something new released in a week or two with TWRP or PhilZ, you’ll need to grab new copies of recovery and flash them yourself, as this will contain outdated packages. That, or poke the author and tell him to update the software.

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