Vote on which Android apps you’d like to see on Chrome OS

Chromebook Pixel officialOne of the most interesting announcements at Google I/O last week – at least to me – was the announcement that Android apps would soon be able to run on Chrome OS. In essence, what Google is doing is figuring out a way to make it easier for Android developers to make their existing apps run on Chrome OS as well. In other words, this isn’t a full blown Android emulator for Chrome OS that will be able to run any Android app that is currently available on the Play Store, but a way to easily port apps over to Chrome so that developers can allow users to have essentially the same end user experience across different devices and screens.

For instance, Google showed off Evernote and Vine running on a Chromebook Pixel during the I/O keynote – the apps looked exactly like their Android counterparts, and the Vine app could even make use of the Chromebook’s integrated webcam to capture video.

But unfortunately, that’s really all we know at this point. We don’t know yet exactly how Google plans to implement this, but at least Google is seeking user input on which apps users would like to see on Chrome first:

At Google I/O, we announced that a handpicked set of Android apps would be coming to Chrome OS devices this fall. We won’t be able to support every Android app from day one, but your feedback will help us focus on the Android apps that you’d use most on Chrome OS.

It looks like Google will proactively reach out to the developers who make the most popular apps and help them port their apps over to Chrome, while gaining feedback at the same time to make the process easier in the future for everyone. And users get to benefit from having their favorite apps available on Chrome first. Seems like a win/win!

To participate in this survey, simply click the link below.

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