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T-Mobile is once again offering free MLB At Bat Premium to all customers


About this time last year, T-Mobile decided to provide all of its subscribers with a nice bonus for the summer months by offering free access to the MLB At Bat app. However, much like Google technically only offers free voice calling through Gmail for a year at a time, T-Mobile did not specify whether the promotion would continue in 2015. Fortunately, though, T-Mobile is once again offering free premium access to the MLB At Bat app to all T-Mobile customers for the rest of the 2015 Major League Baseball season.

Just like last year, the promotion comes a few weeks after the start of the regular baseball season, but is still in time for users to catch most of the action. For those who may have already purchased monthly access, the At Bat app must be uninstalled and reinstalled in order to take advantage of the offer. For all others, you must simply open the At Bat app while on T-Mobile’s network (not on WiFi) and the redemption process should begin automatically. If you have already purchased the entire season for $20, T-Mobile support may be able to work something out, but reports of success are mixed.

With this access to MLB At Bat Premium, users can access live game and pitch tracking, radio broadcasts for games from both broadcast teams, live video look-ins, video highlights, and even the MLB TV free game of the day. Sign up for the features will remain open until September 30 of this year, but premium features will also expire on October 4, which is sadly before the end of the postseason.

As a big baseball fan, this is one of my favorite promotions that T-Mobile runs, because At Bat is quite useful in its premium form but quite restricted in the free version. Additionally, though T-Mobile of course offers a number of nice features in the Uncarrier program such as Music Freedom, many of those benefits only apply to users who are on Simple Choice plans. Prepaid users are often left without these benefits, which is of course somewhat disappointing.

In short, if you are a baseball fan this promotion is certainly worth taking advantage of to save $20, and even if you aren’t, you might as well watch some highlights. Who knows, you may even become a fan. Just don’t pick the Cardinals, Yankees, or Nationals and we won’t have a problem.

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