Get a grip on your phone with the Ungrip solution

The Ungrip solutionThink of Ungrip as a soft piece of fabric you can place around your finger that reminds you your phone isn’t falling to the ground and shattering into a million pieces.

And for that, it does a really good job. It’s essentially a non-metal version of the fairly popular metal ring phone holders.  It reminds me a lot of the Ninja Loop, however that one was significantly more case based, whereas the Ungrip is more stark naked phone goodness.

The Ungrip glues onto the back of your phone or case (doesn’t work on TPU, waterproofed, iPhone-X, phones with tempered glass backing, soft touch silicone, rubber,) and has the ability to pop the strap out and switch it with a different design.

It’s got a lanyard hole in case you want to further attach it to a neck or wrist strap.

It does one thing and it does it pretty well. My wife’s been using one of these since we got them (roughly a month and a half ago, I’m late getting to the review due to purchasing some web site.) So far here are observations from her use and my playing around with it for a bit.

The Ungrip solutionThe Ungrip solutionThe Ungrip solutionThe Ungrip solution

Wishes there were an adapter to make it a kickstand. While it’s extremely difficult to accidentally unhook the strap from the base, it did happen. Not while in use, but while she was pulling the phone out of her purse. She rates it as “ok”  bordering on “meh”. For her, this is “it’s a product, it works, it’s not going to buy you dinner.”

It works for what it does, some other grips and cases have done similar, I’m not putting Ungrip’s product down but it’s been done, Ungrip does it differently, I don’t have any real problems with the thing. Unfortunately this does not sound like a resounding endorsement. You like it, you like it. There’s nothing structurally to complain about the Ungrip.

They have plenty of designs, and you can purchase a couple and mix and match as the strap pops out of the base when pulled straight down. Unfortunately they don’t sell strap A with base B, so you’re in for purchasing multiples.

Some of the base models of Ungrip are available on Amazon for about $7, if you’re looking for the patterns or differently colored bases you’ll need to head on over to their website where they’re about $5 more.

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