Android Oreo rolling out to more US Samsung flagships

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Android Oreo Update

Android Oreo, released to OEMs August 21st, 2017, finally started rolling out to the T-Mobile Galaxy S8 Active in April of 2018. International versions started rolling out last month.

Personally having not been in the Samsung ecosystem very long, a 225 day turnaround for a version update seems a bit excessive. One of HTC’s selling points was a guarantee you would get an update within a certain timeframe (one that they broke over and over and over again with no reprecussions).

That said, Oreo was one of the larger steps forward in terms of Android software. There were also some major issues with the CRAP release which got it yanked.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus devices on Sprint and T-Mobile started receiving their updates a couple of weeks ago with T-Mobile in the rear releasing the last of the 8-series updates yesterday with their Galaxy Note 8 Android Oreo update.

I was surprised that the Android Oreo update was out on Sprint for the past three days. I ended up manually forcing a check for updates and after 1.3 gigabytes downloaded my phone is now now cream filled.

It took about 22 minutes from start to finish and under 25% battery to do the update.

Can I get the Samsung Galaxy Android Oreo update?

Android 8.0 on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

If you’re in the United States and have one of the Samsung 8-Flagships,  probably. It’s a good time check for updates manually. If you’ve got an S7 they are supposedly getting to you this summer.

If you live elsewhere, chances are you’ve had this for a few weeks. You also may be wondering why that random guy in the United States is going on about several-week old software.

You get what you get when you’re not rooted.

Help Paul out

Give me some money. Kidding. Let me know what you’ve discovered with Oreo so that I can play with it. Let’s hope some good stuff appears before we’re inundated with Android P announcements.

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