YKing 1.6amp Qi wireless charging pad review

YKing 1.6amp Qi wireless charging pad reviewThere’s not a lot to say about charging pads these days, but the YKing 1.6amp Qi wireless charging pad brings a little bit of something new to the table.

Update Oct 19, 2018: Charger overheated and burned me. That would be at two months of use. May be aberrant.

The YKing 1.6amp Qi wireless charging pad is a pad and a cable, you’ll need to supply a capable charger, and can charge devices that support it about 60% faster than your base Qi charger.

It works, doesn’t appear to heat up excessively, and so far I have not seen any weirdness where it shuts off and stays off for no apparent reason like I’ve seen with some of the portable Qi devices.

What the YKing 1.6amp Qi wireless charging pad gets right

YKing 1.6amp Qi wireless charging pad reviewYou need some sort of indicator that you’re charging wirelessly as any device I have seems to drop the indicator when the screen turns off or a text message comes in. Traditionally this is either an annoying blinking light or a solid light that may be difficult to see in daytime/hidden under a phone.

The YKing pad has a pulsing LED around it that lets you know it’s charging and looks pretty neat.

Charging appears to be going at the rates you’d expect when you slap a decent charger behind it. It’s not wire fast, but it’s decent.

Powerful enough to charge through my thick case with an antenna sticker on it.

YKing 1.6amp Qi wireless charging pad reviewWhat it doesn’t

The surface is a slick, there’s no pads or anything to hold a phone in place. Included MicroUSB cable is pretty short. Wattage is not listed (it’s 10w if I did the math right).


Decent looking slick top charger pad that performs as you’d expect, you’ll need to supply a wall USB adapter for it capable of delivering the charge (your computer is not going to push above +500mA.)

Note on the link below, you’ll see four options priced at $14.99, $16.99, and two at $20.99. The two lower priced ones are for slower 5 Watt chargers.

Grab one at Amazon.

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