Methods to stabilize the 3G connection while we wait for the Note 8 Android Pie patch.

Most Android Pie updates on the Galaxy series didn’t cause massive problems. Unfortunately a few, myself included, have something slightly different with our phones (probably a different chip run for the radio,) that have caused near complete lack of LTE.

Some have found success disabling a band or two, some (unfortunately me again,) can only hope for 3G until the patch comes in. Now, on 3G I have had approximately three minutes of working 3G before the phone tries to connect me to LTE, fails, loses all connectivity, then rejoins 3G, finds a better tower, then I’m up again.

So, here’s at least a method I found that keeps the 3G connection running and it sounds like I’m able to make phone calls again as well (sounded like I was underwater I’m told).

Keep in mind this could blow your phone up and when the patch is released unless you undo this you might be stuck on 3G forever…

Dial ##data# (3282) – when you hit the last # the phone will launch a program and ask if you’re wanting to view or edit. Choose edit, it will ask for the MSL which should be six zeros 000000, next page choose more, HDR/1X Selection, then change it to Hybrid Mode, or really anything other than the LTE + CDMA + EVDO Mode.

When they release the patch change it back.

People who have an LTE connection that drops can choose LTE Only, see which band they’re connected to before the drop, and disable that per this post. Evidently LTE only will kill voice calls (assuming without VoLTE,) however if you can keep connected for a bit you’ll see what band you’re on.

I’m looking at a Sprint tower and don’t have LTE with the update, so sad trombone.

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