Without a working app, 4 weeks on the AirPop Active+ Halo Smart Mask (updated)

Update 2: May 2nd, the new app is in the store and still does not work. I see a slight difference in that now it claims it cannot create a file. Check the reviews. If you’re on Android skip this

Update: They’re claiming the release of the Android app will now be on the 28th of April 2021.

Original article follows

Back in January I was contacted about the coming Airvolution, smart masking technology that would tell you a bit about air quality as well as how you’re breathing. This in the form of a smart mask and connected app. We did an announcement here.

The Android software was expected to be released mid-March, it was, and was removed because it just did not work and was getting 1-star reviews.

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Unfortunately my Apple equipment topped out at iOS 11 or so and I’m unable to review how it works on that platform where it’s universally rated by …3 people as perfect, with the only written review describing it being buggy (connection issues and language issues).

Airpop Active+ Halo Smart Mask
Do the glasses fog test: no

As we near the end of the window of when I’m actually going to cover it, this is probably the final review barring them getting the software working on Android or an older version of iOS and wowwing me. You can read about what the software should do on their website.

Airpop Active+ Halo Smart Mask
This is about 2 days of face fuzz for me just as a note, hard to compete. Sort of makes me look like Snoopy.


As noted, it’s unusable on Android and as of April 12, 2021 the website still claims the software for Android will be released at the end of March. What was released (and then removed,) required you to agree to a ToS that was in Mandarin I believe. I’m not entirely sure. It required entering your phone number and then when you agreed to a ToS and gave info the app would white screen and lock up.

There were multiple 1-star reviews that said the same, I was informed that the company was removing the app, yeah.

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On their store page, it’s not live any more. Multiple instances of them saying it was available

I would feel significantly better about this product if they’d updated the website and weren’t claiming the software was coming 12 days ago. As it stands from my side it feels a little like they don’t have an Android programming team, and maybe not an iOS team based on the one review. We’ll see.

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Nope, not there any more

The AirPop Active+ Halo Smart Mask in use

Some things to note here – this is a shaped mask that a replaceable AIrPop clip-in mask goes in. The internal filter claims > 99% particle and bacterial filtration. The shaped exterior mask and the interior filter work in tandem to keep it both secure and a little bit off of your face.

When it’s on right, it’s one of the better filtering and fitting masks I’ve worn. The silicone exterior of the internal mask (medical grade soft-touch membrane,) forms a great seal and prevents side/eye-exhalation leakage.

For normal people, I believe this will function extremely well to provide a fitted, filtered, mask experience. The mask only works for about a half day for me after shaving however as we go from smooth seal to blowing the air out somewhere. I’m not talking constant active use here either, my use case has been wear it for a few minutes in the morning where it’s awesome, go to my office where I’m not wearing it, and by the time I leave we’re no longer doing a good seal on my face.

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The soft seal

Whether that’s oil, or I suspect highly face fur the result is the same for me. I’ve got about a 3-5 hour window from shower/shave to blowing air out the side of my mask.

The interior mask also tends to require me to not talk unless I want to be adjusting it because it’s no longer sealing at my chin.

Compared to my KN95s I’d say it feels like it offers more filtration for me, it’s a harder draw but not particularly bad.

Where are we at?

This probably would be great for exercise in a classroom, gym, etc. As long as it’s close to shaving time or you don’t grow hair like Wolverine, you’ll probably have a really good seal. I have felt that the mask is good, probably the best I’ve tried in terms of filtration, but it’s not particularly usable with my face shape and the fit if I want to talk to people and move my jaw at the same time.

Speaking tends to instantly create a chin gap for me. Growing hair on my face an an alarming rate since I was 11 tends to cause the fit seal to fail. Possibly I have a weaker than average chin that causes talking to break the seal, don’t know, don’t have a spare face to test.

As a consumer I tend to distrust when companies are in the midst of selling things and don’t update their websites to indicate that their product is still not ready for a platform. If you scroll down to the questions section on their currently live marketing platform you’ll see multiple claims on the main page indicating that the software was available. That’s just not a good look as anyone going there now has a claim that it’s working. This is as of 5:10pm CST April 12, 2021… that’s at least 12 days since they missed their software release goal.

At the moment, I’d say skip it. Physical product good. Software not. Being forthright on the website / updating that the product does not work for Android – no.

If you want to check out the mask, here’s a link to their site.

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