Rarely do this, but if you’re on Android avoid the AirPop Active+ Halo Smart Mask-maybe iOS too

In March I did a preview of the AirPop Active+ Halo Smart Mask -and at the time the software was expected to release at the end of March, then an extremely buggy version was released that locked up on every device I owned, then it was yanked from the Play Store and there was no Android software available but their web page Q&A said right up at the top that it was (this was an old reply, but official statement nonetheless.)

TL;DR – no app on Android, bad reviews on iOS, appears to be some questionable actions on their website. Details below.

These statements were removed, an apology and a note that a new Android version was coming in the line, and yeah… it now says once again that it has both Android and Apple apps for the mask on their web site.

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File creation failed… amateur hour

Well, it’s back in the Play Store again, nobody who’s reviewed it (other than “A GOOGLE USER”) has had one good thing to say about it or more than a 1 star rating, I either get an app crash or a toast that says “File Creation Failed” with the current version, and there’s also this little tidbit on AirPopHealth as literally the only review:

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This has so far been a crapshow on the Android side, and while I know some of the inner workings of writing an Android application can cause problems between phones the “file creation error” on every device I have is not something you expect any experienced programming shop to handle. Even Larry with How To Android and a couple of days of programming time.

The only publishing 5-star reviews thing is quite sketchy also if true. Only two ratings on the app store as well, both claiming bugs / poor user experience with one of them being 5 stars and claiming multiple problems and listing multiple issues… that ain’t 5-stars HeliHunter…. that’s 2-3 at best.

image 4 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

So yeah, garbage app, they’re claiming once again to have an Android app, I really doubt with nothing but bad ratings this is going to get any better. If anyone gets it working drop us a line and I’ll remove “stay away” posts.

But yeah, garbage experience it looks like on the iOS side and only one person on the Android side even says it did anything. This is most people unable to even sign up for an account without app errors. Not most people unable to sync or use the device or have device specific errors.

I can’t even tell that it’s using Bluetooth at all so we’re not talking system level failure, it’s literally the account creation for my devices. Really, turn off Bluetooth, the app can’t get you past the loading screen whether it’s on or off. It’s not progressed beyond app page transition. This isn’t a unique device to the market not functioning this is an app unable to get you even to the point where it would call on Bluetooth.

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One thought on “Rarely do this, but if you’re on Android avoid the AirPop Active+ Halo Smart Mask-maybe iOS too

  • I’ll post more about this later, work day being work day, but they evidently got the back end fixed in the past couple of days as the app hasn’t updated but is now allowing you in. App is abysmal thus far.


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