You can save $12 on AirTag accessory by drilling

Every new Apple product that comes out someone throws into a microwave or drills a hole in it for the headphones and tries to convince people to do the same resulting in – surprise surprise, dead Apple product. The Apple AirTag however, may be different, and that’s detailed, along with plenty of other things over at the AirTag Teardown at iFixit.

Really, check out their teardown, it’s got some neat stuff.

Yup, the $29 AirTag evidently doesn’t have the ability to natively attach to anything, and if you want to use it on a keyring or such it’s $12.95-$449.00 extra. No, that’s not a typo.

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There’s a whole hoary host of knock offs, but it still looks like you’re going to be paying about $8 extra for that keychain.

X-rays of Tile Mate, SmartThings SmartTag, and Apple AirTag, and a U.S. quarter

So I’m not making any judgement calls, it’s not my ecosystem and Apple’s got their customers. Just seems somewhat silly to have a tracker most are going to use on a keyring with no means of attaching it to a keyring.

Other bits of amusement I got from the X-Rays of the AirTag are that it looks a bit like the Apple Park campus. Which I guess any round thing would… ah well..

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