Google Fiber handcuffed on repairs in Nashville?

A few days ago a client of mine that’s getting a Google Fiber install got a notice that repairs to a broken fiber connection upstream were in limbo as the city had put a temporary halt to contractors working on Google’s Fiber’s road microtrenched fiber system.

The exact phrase is “The city has added restrictions that additional city management is involved in.” with no ETA at the moment of when this will be resolved, nor who the parties on the city’s side were, but that people are working on it.

The city (being Nashville, TN,) for unspecified reasons, is evidently throwing in some additional oversight of anything Google does on the road.

If you were in Nashville for the install of the base fiber network several years back and all the busted sidewalks, water mains, etc, you might have an idea of why the city might have motivation to be more involved in the projects going forward.

Whether this is all of Nashville, particular parts, etc. No clue.

Initial repair timeframe was 6-8 weeks before the notice, and is currently sitting at about six weeks just waiting on the upstream repair to light their fiber service.

Could just be a bad game of Telephone on Google’s end and they simply don’t want to turn up service.

With so little information on this I’m not entirely sure where I stand. It seems though if you’re selling a business product and the repair time when there’s an underground fiber break is indeterminate with weeks being the initial pre-delayed answer, what businesses are you selling to?

Alternately, maybe this will get resolved, the subcontractors will have some oversight and guidelines in place, and things will validate the Google Fiber journey. Whatever the case, when “weeks” is thrown out on a repair, it’s not a good sign.

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