Moment Mobile Filmmaker Cage for Magsafe / magnetic cases

The Moment Mobile Filmmaker Cage for Magsafe (and mforce, and probably any magnetic case,) is a tool to hold your phone and accessories steady as you move smoothly from scene to scene while allowing you to pop your phone out without dealing with latches, levers, screws, clamps, etc.

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If you’re on Android and not using a magnetic case, I highly suggest getting one. They’re more useful than you might think. I’m using an MForce thin case and a random clear magnetic case (pictured above,) on my S21 Ultra 5G at the moment, both snaped in and held nicely in the Filmmaker Cage.

The cage has 20 1/4th inch holes, dual cold shoe mount points, cable management in the form of a couple of holes. You can attach an absurd amount of things to this should you try.

This is one of the few products I can’t find a lot to complain about. The machining is as perfect as I can tell. It does what it does, it’s light. I believe you could probably tow a car using it.

However, you know me. I found something to complain about in the form of the screw that holds in the center mount.

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This is the screw I don’t like

Pictured above we have the only thing I found to complain about. The issue here is if you rotate the center mount for any reason this screw gets loose. At this point you need a tool to re-tighten or you find your phone askew. This problem has been solved before time and again with the following screw:

image 1 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here
This is what that screw needs to be

That is the only thing I can think of that doesn’t feel thought out and obsessed over with this. I knock the mount slightly off direction, I need a screwdriver. I have what I consider the correct type of screw on my tripod, half my camera gear.

Overall, it’s a perfectly machined piece of aluminum, well thought out in hole placement, contains a magnet that works as well as any Magsafe magnet I’ve run across, and will not make you a better filmmaker by itself, but probably can help.

You can see one of my uses of it in the below video, but it is not pictured and something was seriously afoot with my phone as the capture was as jerky as it looks.

You can get the Moment Mobile Filmmaker Cage for Magsafe on Moment’s website.

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