Yeedi Vac 2 Pro vs ILIFE A11 vs DreameBot D10. 1 winner/1 clear loser

A while back I put three top of their respective lines vacuuming robots against each other. The task was each was given an insane amount of space in an office building and tasked with cleaning it on a nightly basis. I updated that for a while and will close it out as round two is set to begin later next week with two new vacuums.

On floor 1 we had a large carpeted atrium and kitchen area (181square meter cleaning area, 1950 square feet) – 4 robot trapping chairs (D10)

On floor 2 we had similar surface area due to some off-shoot side office space. – 2 robot trapping chairs (A11)

Floor 3 was easy mode, smaller area, no chairs that trap robots. (Yeedi)

Floor 2 & 3 had about 1700 square feet, although the space varied sometimes when people would close off a conference room or access space.

I should stress that in an office building we do not have socks, animal waste, cables, etc to suck up so you would think every vacuum would shine… hah!

DreameBot D10 (plus docking station)
$399.99 in config used
$299 just the bot

DreameBot D10 Plus

ILIFE A11 (no docking station)
$399.99 in config used
No docking station ability

ILIFE A11 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Yeedi Vac 2 Pro (plus docking station)
$499.99 in config used
$349 for just the vacuum

Yeedi Vac 2 Pro

Each robot was set to maximum vacuum and given the start time of 9pm nightly.

Return to base

One of the requirements of me throwing robot vacuums into an office building that has several hundred people a day visit is that the robots needed to return to the charger to not be tripping hazards. While the D10 (floor 1) and the A11 (floor 2) had issues with the two robot trapping chairs, they generally returned with no issues. I set a no go zone for the bad chairs.

One weird issue came out with the D10 that if it got low on battery and decided to return to the charger, and it was at a specific location at the top/middle of the atrium, it would hang on a virtual wall and stop claiming it was trapped. This is a *highly* unusual use case, but I have video showing it stopping, turning around over and over again at the edge of the virtual wall, and then just giving up. This happened twice. I moved the virtual wall slightly and it’s not happened again.

The Yeedi Vac 2 Pro + Station after several weeks most nights can’t find the docking station. This is about the same experience I had with one of their previous robots. Bad mapping, the maps aren’t realistic, gets lost, etc. While this run was only on the corporate test, same happened at my dad’s house with the previous. This is a running issue.

Vacuuming ability

All three appeared to vacuum very well. Each floor here has different levels of traffic, but they all appeared to be getting about the same amount after the initial runs. The Yeedi dominated on the initial pickup jamming itself completely full of dirt. So much so that I had to manually pull out impacted dirt. It was evidently filthy on the third floor even though we have people who vacuumed regularly.

I could see no quantifiable difference in how these vacuumed short corporate carpet.

Vacuuming time

The ILIFE A11 did its job the fastest and most direct, but just barely faster than the DreameBot D10. The logic on the D10 tended to have it taking time contemplating going around objects at a different approach. Both required recharging at least once a night to complete the 3+ hour tasks.

The Yeedi was by far the slowest due to its logic. It was painful to watch sometimes.. It would get about half of the area done, say it was returning to charge, spend the next 20 minutes passing the dock over and over again, usually not complete. When it did the times were significantly higher.

How are they looking?

The ILIFE A11 is a black hockey puck looking robot and shows no scuffs and looks pretty fine. The D10 you can see it has touched dirt, but it wiped right off.

Here’s a picture of the Yeedi Vac 2 Pro after less than a month. It slams into everything all night long. Enhanced intelligent obstacle avoidance it claims to have now that it thinks it mapped the place doesn’t really seem to do much to prevent it from hitting the walls, chairs, etc. I cannot get this to wipe off and need a sponge to remove the impacted surface dirt. This was the experience I had with the Yeedi Max.

2022 07 29 12.19.08 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

I’m still standing

If you asked me last week which was my favorite, that would have been the ILIFE A11 by a hair. Then I noticed there was nothing in the dust bin for several days. The ILIFE A11’s main brush motor died. I am waiting to see what they want to do about that. It’s quite disappointing because it really was in the lead for software, no issues, mapping skills, and the ability to get itself un-stuck on the robot trapping chairs.

It might claim it was hung up, but usually I could tell it to return to dock and it would unstick itself.

While 2-3 hour cleanings a night aren’t standard for any robots, there was never anything that jammed the motor or brushes. This is a manufacturing defect somewhere.

This leaves the Yeedi Vac 2 Pro and the DreameBot D10

Who mops? They all do.

Yeedi mopped a lot better. A whole lot better. It shone. Oscillating mop pads will do that for you. However it’s it EITHER mops or vacuums, not both.

ILIFE and DreameBot would mop and vacuum. But they’re drag mops. I dislike drag mops.

False alarms

I’ve been getting weird alarms from the Yeedi Vac 2 Pro. Things like that the wheels are hung up the instant it docks, or that the vacuum cleaner bag is full (it’s not, and it’s sucking out all the dirt in the robot with no issues nightly.)

Along with the nightly “battery low, returning to dock” that I generally get because this is a 3+ hour job and no robot can vacuum that long without a charge, and “can’t find dock” which I get most nights, I end up getting about 6 notifications daily that I don’t really need.

But the fake ones are odd. I do not know what’s up with that. Wheels are not suspended, robot is not off the ground, and why are all of these happening right as it actually finds the dock? Who knows.

Overall winner

Had the ILIFE A11 main brush motor not died, it did a better job mapping, fast mapping, was slightly quicker at cleaning its area, and other than the lack of a docking station I would have said it was the winner or tied with the winner based on features/speed. But it’s dead. You can consider this a manufacturing mistake, random chance, whatever. I would have given my golden sticker of survival to it just barely, but no. Hopefully it will be back in another round.

2022 07 29 12.15.47 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here
D10 filled a bag in 3 weeks

The DreameBot D10 is the winner of round one. I surprisingly did not dislike most of the experience with this except the initial mapping of the huge atrium area was painfully slow. If you don’t have to stand by and guard a robot while it maps out the place the first time, I do not think you’re going to have an issue.

The Yeedi Vac 2 Pro… I tried, really I did. It suffer the same problems the Yeedi Max / Vac Station combo had. The same issues with other vacuums in their brand, I found back a year ago. Inability to complete maps, inability to map larger than average houses, inability to ever find the docking station. This was on home and tests at the office building.

Round two will be starting in a week or so. I’ve got a new competitor coming from Roborock that I know of. The ILIFE A11 will either retire or a replacement/fixed one will be joining the ranks to give it a new shot. The Yeedi Vac 2 will be going to a farm in upstate New York where it can run and nip at butterflies in a large golden field.

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DreameBot D10 Plus
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Yeedi Vac 2 Pro

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