First day with the Pixel 7 Pro (running)

Started out today at 10am attempting to get the Pixel 7 Pro up and running and was met with T-Mobile’s automated SIM activation being down. While it was down and I was waiting an estimated 45 minutes for someone, I started transferring the data from my Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G fully expecting it was a mostly useless gesture.

I was right, apps installed, but no app data transferred. So I get to log into every single account again. Doesn’t sound like the pain it is until you realize I have many banks, credit card things, 3 payment systems, stock trade apps, 11 IoT providers, one game that forces you to run through the intro city build before you can do jack, etc. I’m at about 20% signed in at this point.

Google Pixel 7 Pro

Yeah, woe is me. Most of them requires some sort of second factor, which due to paranoia on my end is usually more than just a text.

Ah well…

Setup on Pixel’s side went smooth. T-Mobile activated the E-SIM, I lost connection, realized the Pixel I had to activate it again but that was not an issue.

Got my first > gigabit speed test, don’t have screenshots yet due to Dropbox / Amazon Photos not being active yet.

Switching from Galaxy launcher to Google’s is a bit jarring… not having folders in the swipe launcher is screwing with my flow. Not a huge thing but I either need to learn it or leave it.

Voice to text mishears me remarkably faster than the S21. I’m getting wrong translations at I’d guess twice the speed as on my S21.

Camera said my lens might be dirty… I looked because I had not touched that and it does not appear to be dirty. This worries me a bit but I can’t see any issues.

1pm CST

Headed out to use it in the real world and take pictures of the kiddos. Well, shortly.

Learned to un-pair and re-pair as it still was paired to my old phone. Settings, remember this computer off, close tab, open, pairing QR code will be there.

Getting a security warning that the device hasn’t had an update in 90 days… ok… installing a security update evidently. Device had to restart.

Also getting that the device doesn’t have a screen lock… considering I’m having to unlock it every time I’m a bit confused on that. Oh weird, when I am looking this up it appears that the screen lock it’s complaining about is my projector. Not this phone. OK, moving on…

While checking that there’s another update that it said it was going to install in 4 days. Installing second update now.


voice to text working almost perfectly when I have used it lately. Can’t use it because people are talking non-stop around me

signing into account after account… Pictures so far are just ok. That has more to do with place and timing than pictures.

missing the side/slide panel from s21 launcher.

Battery life was not good… very not good… however data amount that was used syncing contacts, content, etc I believe makes my first day not representative of normal users.


Some night shots and evidently semi-animated shots were taken. I don’t recall making a semi-animated choice, but it looks like there’re 1-2 second videos of every shot I took, but the synced data appears to be the picture I took.

Voice typing is significantly better. Better even if you download the voice pack for offline use as evidently I was testing in a nightmarish internetless landscape.


Trying to keep positive charging while navigating late night hour+ drives I managed to get it. Was not as fast at charging as the S21 while on my dash charger, but then again maybe there’s some setting for allowing super fast charging… don’t know. I managed to got from the 40’s back to the 70s in an hour on a 25 watt charger while navigating. So positive at least.

The photos I took were all low light back lit… and one sphere photo. Nothing to write home about but I did not have time to actually sit and metric these and had moving children. Camera thus far is acceptable and probably great but yeah, haunted hayride is not a great time to test this out.

Here’s a link to all the things Pixel 7 Pro we’ve tagged… just more thoughts, findings, etc as the days go on.

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3 thoughts on “First day with the Pixel 7 Pro (running)

  • Avatar of Kristopher Hesson

    I had the same problem with no app data transferring. It really was a pain. However, one significant difference in my experience and yours is that my text to speech is 10 times better than any other phone I’ve ever had!

    Hope the rest of your experience is better. I’ll follow along here. This is my first Pixel and frankly, I’m on love with it!

    • It appears it got significantly better after a bit. It was terrible this morning and hasn’t got one thing wrong past hour

      Perhaps something to do with one of the two updates

    • It appears it got significantly better after a bit. It was terrible this morning and hasn’t got one thing wrong past hour

      Perhaps something to do with one of the two updates


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