Second day with the Pixel 7 Pro (running)

Woke up to an internet outage that was unrelated. Strange day as the last time I had an internet outage for more than 9 seconds was the Christmas Day bombing of Nashville which everyone seems to have forgotten. AT&T fiber has been rock solid other than that.

I had plenty of notifications when I woke up. Twitter, YouTube, etc. What was weird here is when I would tap the notification rather than going to the tweet or such nothing would happen. Just I’d be back at the screen. Tapping the YT notification I was back at the launcher as well. I suspect something crashed but no clue on that.

Voice to text is usable. This is the first time I’ve talked to google and not felt like I was overwhelming it. The only real issues I’m noticing is there seems to be a definite difference between “ok google, play the news” which it misunderstands me nearly 1/3rd of the time and using the Gboard voice to text. Being as the use case is in a car vs in a room I’m guessing either ambient noise, or OK Google assistant wakeup uses some sort of different processing.

Shot on the Pixel 7 Pro
Late night shot, porch, lighting on this side. Wife got same shot on S21. Pixel wins by a hair but I was also at a different angle.

Still logging into account after account. This is my 4th phone I think in modern times and most of that account data just does not come over. I’m now noticing a difference between the Samsung Knox password management and the Google PW management… Knox managed to store a lot of these passwords that Google didn’t. Think Knox wins for helpful, but then again unless you are a reviewer with as many random apps as me I am not sure this is a huge concern for people.

Going to throw this link out there. If you happen to be buying a Pixel 7 Pro that would make us somewhere between $28 and $35. This Pixel 7 Pro purchase came out of my kid’s tooth fairy money and really we need it. Did not expect my 9yo to lose two teeth in 8 minutes followed by my 7yo complaining of a wiggly tooth. Laffy Taffy man.

Not shot on the Pro, but just teeth. S21 Ultra quick snap, dirty lens, horrid lighting not representative
Teefs (shared metal filling as a note)
Dirty lens, bad lighting, don’t take this as a comparison shot


Going to go out into the world, updates will be when I get a chance. Will try and update via voice to text exclusively, but since I can’t get a moment away from humans this may be undoable.


Pixel 7 photo 1 to 1 (100% resulution)

Noticing pictures are quite visibly pixelated at 100% when viewed on Windows. Note the black frame, you can see some strange outlining around the car. I’m not sure if this is CMOS failure or artifacting at the moment. I’m assuming it’s artifacting. All sorts of things going wrong in this photo. Blotchy frame (black thing on the right,) outline on the SUV near the grass, color grading on the t-shirt. Grass didn’t look like that. Smoothing of the hat.

The full photo looks ok, but details are really being dropped. Full picture this guy’s shirt looks painted, floating blur around someone’s legs. Yeah, looks like encoding is set to squish. 2MB pic.

*UGH* – got a text message in about 4 minutes ago I saw on my – got the notification on the phone just now. Freaking delay I blamed on Samsung’s power saving appears to be over here too… so great… literally the compelling reason to try going this direction of phone shot…

Here’s a link to all the things Pixel 7 Pro we’ve tagged… just more thoughts, findings, etc as the days go on.

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