In the Nashville area and want a Moment Pixel 7 Pro magnetic case, Cold Shoe Mount, wall mount?

Hey all! You might have watched our box of Moment goodies videos part 1 and part 2. Well, maybe you haven’t judging by how few people actually have watched those. I’ll tell you what’s happened.

Through the good people at Moment and someone forgetting I had a bunch of these things, I’ve got four, count ’em four, Moment magnetic cases for the Pixel 7 Pro. Additionally I have two brand new cold shoe mounts sans boxes (my fault,) to give out because I already own one, and some misc goodies.

I will probably use two of the four Moment cases based on how hard I was on the S21 case, so giving out two Moment cases, two cold shoe mounts, probably one adjustable wall mount for magsafe, and probably one non-adjustable wall mount.

What do you have to do to get these lovely things? Be in Nashville, drive to an office building in metro center, walk into said building, speak to a human saying “Paul said I was supposed to pick up an X” with the X being what you’re picking up. Receive your item and leave. Oh yeah, you also have to email me that you want something and I have to put your name on it. I might even be in the building in a Trogdor t-shirt working on something. Probably not however.

I don’t ship, no budget, and if Moment contacts me and wants them back or me to do a destructive test using a blowtorch on the cases, offer no longer valid. Limited human interaction with someone at my office building most likely required. Emailing me means when I eventually get hacked you’ll probably get some spam. Also will probably ask you a month in how the cases are working for you.

No reselling the cases.

Anyway, hit me up and start enjoying the world of magnets…

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Paul E King

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