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Just in time for Thanksgiving holiday, Pocketables breaks (updated)

Something strange happened yesterday – I was writing and a lot of images just disappeared. I started seeing some stuff that indicated Pocketables was showing a cached version of itself.

Update at the bottom

image 21 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here
image 22 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

What’s so fun is I can use TOR browser, come in via a German exit node, and the site looks fine. Images load, things act normal. Just it’s absurdly slow and I can’t work on the site via TOR.

I’ve disabled Cloudflare, disabled Ezoic’s CDN, and am just hoping that the site will be up, but if not.. who knows… will probably hit up SiteGround next and see if they have any known issues going on.

Would appreciate it if people let me know if they’re seeing broken images or seeing the site properly… Pocketables going down, or at least breaking on what I’m seeing, right before Thanksgiving is quite on par with why I do not want to be tech support for a wordpress site, I just want to write…


So it appears that the problem started fiveish days ago. I can find some traces of some weirdness. I only have noticed the occasional odd for threeish days. Looks like our host SiteGround deployed a new and fancy AI fighting firewall and I didn’t either get the memo or it wasn’t memoed.

I’ve requested that thing come down… we’ll see… right now it appears it was fighting with Cloudflare, Ezoic, AT&T and probably the guinea pigs we’re taking care of.

No good feature goes unpunished it appears… I’d say most of the problem was Ezoic vs Siteground here… but whatev… ticket’s in to make us more vulnerable for the weekend of most hacking possible in the US… womp womp

More updated

Siteground is saying they’re not seeing it. I’ve asked that this just be turned off and I not have to jump through the hoops of doing testing on a 4 day old issue that happened at the same time that they deployed it.

More more more updated

May not be siteground….

Disabled Cloudflare – no change
Disabled Ezoic (ads) no change
Disabled Leap – bam, images back no captcha fights…

Could be coincidental but at the moment with only 4 hours wasted it looks like Ezoic Leap got into a fight with Siteground anti-bot AI.

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