News roundup for December 1, 2022

Here’s what interesting: Eufy, YouTube, Nest Doorbell, Samsung to Apple migration, Google Play best of 2022.


Eufy / Anker is in the news for their cameras potentially sending unencrypted video streams. There’s a proof of concept that was not shared and some discussion of how to view on VLC. The VLC trick The Verge did only worked while the cameras were awake, and you had to know the serial numbers to locate it, but they’re sequential supposedly so finding cameras should be as simple as strolling through a range of numbers again and again.

eufy SoloCam E40
[The Verge]

YouTube year end review

YouTube has revealed their year-end top trending videos in the US. You can see the full list here. Here’s the TL;DR;Just Clicky Clicky:

Top shorts

  1. Shangerdanger – Diver Cracks Egg at 45 ft Deep #Shorts
  2. Hingaflips – Sarah Trust Challenges
  3. Brodie That Dood – Come with me to shave my fluffy dog! #doggrooming #grooming #goldendoodle
  4. Chris Ivan – Dave and Busters Bet Me 1000 Tickets I Couldn’t Do THIS…
  5. Jay & Sharon – That GAP Between Your Car Seat and Center Console
  6. Adrian Bliss – Welcome to the stomach #shorts
  7. Zack D. Films – This Magic Trick EXPLAINED 😱 (America’s Got Talent)
  8. ILYA BORZOV – Social experiment | What would you do?
  9. PaulVuTV – Wife surprises husband at his office with pregnancy reveal! 😭❤️ #Shorts
  10. NichLmao – If you catch it… YOU KEEP IT w/ MY GF (Funny) #shorts

Top songs

  1. Encanto Cast – We Don’t Talk About Bruno
  2. Kodak Black – Super Gremlin
  3. Jessica Darrow – Surface Pressure
  4. Bad Bunny – Tití me preguntó
  5. Future – WAIT FOR U ft. Drake, Tems
  6. Bad Bunny, Chencho Corleone – Me Porto Bonito
  7. Karol G, Becky G – Mamiii
  8. Imagine Dragons x JID – Enemy
  9. Karol G – PROVENZA
  10. Lil Baby – Right On (Official Video)

Top Ramen

image - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here

Top videos

  1. Technoblade – so long nerds
  2. Guardian News – Watch the uncensored moment Will Smith smacks Chris Rock on stage at the Oscars, drops F-bomb
  3. Dream – hi, I’m Dream.
  4. NFL – Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar & 50 Cent FULL Pepsi SB LVI Halftime Show
  5. MrBeast – I Built Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!
  6. Mark Rober – Pranks Destroy Scam Callers- GlitterBomb Payback
  7. Jaiden Animations – Being Not Straight
  8. Kane Pixels – The Backrooms (Found Footage)
  9. The Try Guys – what happened.
  10. First We Feast – Millie Bobby Brown Needs a Milkshake

Nest Doorbell rolls out some new ringtones

9to5Google is reporting that 15 holiday themed doorbell ringtones will be rolling out to Nest doorbells this week.

Nest Hello WiFi Video Doorbell

Now if Nest would just have an option if it recognizes your 7yo to not ring with whatever the ringtone you choose is that would be great… also doorbell face match to ringtone would be cool… sure it announces when it recognizes someone but having the ability to play someone in with their own theme song is an ability long long overlooked

Ditching Samsung for Apple?

A company called did a survey that evidently shows that 53% of Samsung users are planning to ditch Android and go to Apple for their next upgrade. I’m a bit skeptical of the conclusions here due to 1) StockApps being a stock trading company, 2) raw data not presented, 3) statement that iPhones have better quality cameras.

Should you get your news and survey results from a stock app trading list website that for some reason is writing about cell phones, Samsung appears to be in trouble. Somehow I feel this is clickbait journalism to drive people to stockapps however.


Google Play’s Best of 2022

Google Play’s Best Apps of 2022 are… wow… no wonder we’ve all been depressed and looking more and more away from our phones.

[Google Blog]
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