Have had my first probable hardware fail with the Pixel 7 Pro

I’ve had hard to track down overheating issues (requires low/no cell signal) but basically have been ok with my Pixel 7 Pro. Yesterday getting my youngest kiddo’s hair trimmed she asked me why there was a red line on the screen. I’m colorblind, and she pointed at it and I thought she was punking me.

Nope. With a white back screen and intensity turned up high, there’s a thin line barely visible to colorblind me.

As I’m colorblind and it had to be pointed out to me, my guess is it appeared sometime in the last month because it evidently popping out to non-colorblind peeps as a glowy red line. Now that it’s been pointed out to me, there’s no unseeing it.

Then again, it could be something to do with the June update… I’m sort of hoping for that.

Evidently a lot of people having serious battery issues with the latest update, for once not me. Latest update has so far been a rock for me.

I suspect a loose connection or the overheating I was experiencing damaged the screen in some way. As I have to actively look for the thing it’s not driving me nuts, but it sure did my 10 year old.

I’ll try and get a picture of the screen when I get my old Samsung S21 charged back up. Realized it was dead this morning.

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