The BlendJet 2 & Orbiter Drinking lid. You don’t need a special occasion for getting these but sure, Father’s Day, groundhog day, whatever.

The BlendJet 2 holds the spot in my array of gadgetry of my only USB-powered portable kitchen blender. OK, actually it’s the only USB powered kitchen item I have that I can think of but there you go. I’ve been rocking a BlendJet 2 since reviewing it over on ITB and it’s been something I’ve suggested again and again as a gift.

BlendJet 2 & Orbiter Drinking lid

My then-9-year old got one for a friend of hers so she could make milkshakes (it was a birthday gift.) Parents had been quite impressed by how utterly difficult it was to chop one’s fingers off without the aid of a small magnet to allow it to function. And generally it looked pretty cool.

You know what, if you want a portable or small easy to use kitchen blender this thing is great, and they added something that I really dig, and that’s the Orbiter Drinking Lid. You now have the ability to sip and close the top without unscrewing the lid and dripping.

I’m sure there’re plenty of activity based uses for this, and I suspect I should have gotten a picture of myself on a hill drinking a self-made mocha Frappuccino while watching the sun rise, but I’ve been using it mostly at my computer. Mix something up and seal it back and very little chance of spilling it all over wherever I’m working.

The Orbiter lid adds a level of klutz proofing to your portable smoothie machine.

Do you need a portable ridiculously easy to clean blender or klutz proof lid? Maybe not. If you don’t, good on you.

The only … meh thing here is the Orbiter drinking lid is clear plastic and if you’ve got one of the more colorful BlendJets it doesn’t match.

You can find the Orbiter Drinking Lid here, and a vast array of BlendJets decorated to suit your style here.

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