And we’re back…

Over the past two weeks I achieved a rather geeky set of accomplishments for me and the family. We drove from Nashville, did the Oregon Trail, and drove back hitting the badlands, Yellowstone, Mt Rushmore, Wall Drug, and St. Louis’s city museum along the way as well as others. I have about 5,500 miles of dashcam footage to stitch together later from the Cansonic Z3+ commercial plus extra cam, but that’s for another day.

Health stabilized, unfortunately I’m stable at a point where standing up from any seat lower than about 24 inches high is an event. I have however stopped losing weight without trying, which is a good thing for a bit at least. I’ve had over $3500 in testing so far and other than that my liver was really struggling with fighting something before being put on inexpensive antibiotics for 3 weeks they still have no clue what hit me.

Changes are coming… I say that, but I don’t know what they are. I’m not interested in what the latest black square of metal’s hardware specs are in general as we’ve well entered the era of “oooh, that shiny new $1200 thing is roughly 1% faster than that $300 thing from last year”

Eh, we’ll see.

I’m over on Threads as nopking, trying to get the pocketables insta ported over but it’s refusing to log in for a couple of weeks and really I’ve not been particularly interested in troubleshooting anything other than my health and vacation for the past bit ;)

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Paul E King

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