An amusing YouTube crash, fail, win?

Between chemo and two sick kids the past 10 days have been surreal. I had an interesting event (to me,) happen.

TL;DR Vizio YouTube app stuck on one channel (fixed after reboot). Just a story of a slight glitch that is probably not reproducible.

Last week when I was getting the infusions (tumor killing medications that have the side effect of knocking you down,) I fell asleep watching a YouTuber I watch occasionally. I don’t fall asleep watching videos ever, but $30,000 in testing to get $80 bagged drip chemicals plus a $2 stomach med that’s basically Xanax knocked me out. I also had two sick kids out a total of 3ish school days breathing on my now immunocompromised self so it’s been real.

I’ve been watching BeardMeatsFood. He’s a competitive eater and goes place to place reminding me of the Very Hungry Caterpillar. He was actually therapeutic to watch while my stomach was completely devastated because, well, I just didn’t want to eat while watching him but sort of got the experience, and that was what worked for me. Keeping in mind round 1 of these is what I’ve been through I fully expect I’ve seen nothing in the chemo game as I’ve been prepared for it to get progressively worse each round.

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What was amusing here is I fell asleep watching BeardMeatsFood on my Vizio YouTube app, which I use for quite a few subscriptions and do not exclusively follow him, but YouTube broke somehow and everything was BeardMeatsFood. I could see my subscriptions on that tab, but all recommendations were him, all up and down were him.

I’ve got a picture here of what it looked like – every recommended video was BeardMeatsFood. Every more like this was one of his videos. I snagged a video the next day but the app or algorithm had sort of worked itself out and as once again listing non BeardMeatsFood, but yeah – vaguely amusing to me. Everything recommended was him for at least 7 spots, everything up and down was him.

Basically it was as though he, or YouTube was saying “dude, turn the TV off” which I did and I no longer have a wall of the beard.

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