HTC Advantage X7510 available for preorder

Htc_advantage_x7510_preorderWe knew when the HTC Advantage X7510 was announced last month that those in Europe and other "select countries" would be able to get their hands on the 16GB Windows Mobile device in March, so seeing the X7501 successor available for preorder on several UK-based sites today isn’t much of a shocker.

What I didn’t expect was the range in price. Clove Technology notes that official pricing hasn’t been confirmed but is listing the unit for £595, while eXpansys is asking for £700.

Then there’s the matter of preorder pricing in the US, which wasn’t even included in the initial roll-out plans.

I suppose it was always understood that it would get here eventually, but no one knew when.


Well, now it seems the question in the US is not so much "when?" as it is "how much?"

Mobile Planet (now eXpansys-USA) hasn’t revealed its price yet, but GearTrade is going with $800 and Smart Mobile Gadgets wants $1300. On The Go Solutions, the same shop that’s got the HTC Shift in stock, wants $1300 too. Then there are those places that come up in a Google Product Search but aren’t linked to active pages: $550 through PrestoMart and $699 at somewhere called couchtatergames.

Which price do you think is the most accurate? My Advantage X7501 was $850 when I bought it last year, so I’m guessing GearTrade is the closest. Too bad their "Brand New Sealed HTC Advantage X7510 For Sale" description says "Quantity: 0" and "MSRP: $0.00"!

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7 thoughts on “HTC Advantage X7510 available for preorder

  • Real question for me is will this cause the 7501 to drop significantly in price?

  • Not sure about the US, but in Europe eXpansys is generally overpriced. They do have better selection than anyone else, but are never cheaper and usually more expensive.
    As far as X7510 goes, I do not need any of the improvements (I have no problem with the keyboard on my Advantage and I do not even use the 8GB so 16GB does not really mean much to me) but for some reason I really really want it!

  • You are confused between the way Clove and Expansys list their prices and VAT (tax). For clarity:

    Clove: £595.00 excluding VAT -> £699.13 with VAT
    Expansys: £595.70 excluding VAT -> £699.95 with VAT

    So yes, Expansys is technically more expensive, but only by 82p. In the UK shops should *always* list prices inclusive of VAT, so Clove is being perhaps a little deceptive by listing the ex. VAT price as the main value with the inc. VAT price in parenthesis.

  • Avatar of ohi james

    can we trade in our htc advantage x7501 to get the new one…… plus i hope the the 16 gig flash drive will be better than the 8 gig microdrive… because anytime i save stuff on my microdrive the whole system hangs for like 20 minits untill i turn it off take out the battery and turn it back on.

  • Dear sir,
    i want to buy this mobile phone HTC x7510 Advance.wht is the price.can u tell me how much in AED because i’m in please reply to me.thanks


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