Incoming calls awaken ITG xpPhone from standby


The ITG xpPhone has been on our radar for over half a year and while new information about the device is now being revealed at a quicker pace than before, several questions are still in need of answers. Probably the most important one is how the AMD-powered MID phone that some say should be used instead of an iPhone or BlackBerry handles phone calls when the system is sleeping.

Yes, we've seen the xpPhone's communications interface and watched it make a phone call, but let's face it. A computer that doubles as a phone is pretty useless if it can only accept a call when it's in use.

That's why ITG's latest video (see below) showing the unit awakening from standby mode when an incoming phone call is received is worth watching.

From ITG:

The world's first notebook can wake up by incoming calls and SMS from XP standby mode. The patented technology of In Technology makes it possible for x86 notebook to wake up by incoming calls or SMS when XP is in standby mode to save power and it can quickly shift to working mode and rings. This globally unique technology ensures xpPhone is always in a lowest power-consuming mode and stands by for 5 days, much longer than traditional smartphone.

Its technology of awakening from standby mode is invented on the basis of x86 platform's low power consumption during standby, so that it can wake up from standby mode in case of incoming call or message receiving. Its perfect combination of wireless module and Windows XP solves the problem of x86 power consumption and heat generation, and prolongs the battery life of laptop from several hours to several days. Combining all these advanced technologies, the x86 platform-based mobile phone comes out at last.

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