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How to remove battery icon and/or clock from HTC EVO taskbar

Evo-noclock Although the HTC EVO taskbar/status bar holds useful information, some of it can be rather redundant. If you're using a battery indicator, for example, then you're stuck with two icons showing you very similar (if not exactly the same) information. Likewise for the clock, which isn't needed on your main home screen if you're using a clock widget and can't be seen in apps that run full-screen.

Want to get rid of them?

It takes nothing more than a quick flash of one of three .zip files (depending on what you want to do: get rid of the clock, the battery icon, or both) on your rooted EVO running a deodexed custom ROM based on the HTC build, including the latest 3.30.651.2 update that hasn't been officially released yet.

This will not work on the stock ROM, even if it's rooted, and it's not guaranteed to work on every single deodexed custom ROM in existence. For reference, I'm running the SteelROM Rev H on my EVO and as you can see from the screenshot above, I got rid of the clock in my taskbar with no problem. Your mileage may vary.

IMPORTANT: Before flashing any .zip, please make sure you have a current working Nandroid backup so you can restore your EVO to its pre-flash state if anything goes wrong. If you don't have a Nandroid backup, create one now.

Follow this tutorial at your own risk.

1. Download one of the following .zip files, depending on what you want, and put it on your SD card:

2. Flash the .zip following these instructions.

All of these .zips modify your EVO's services.jar file, so the only way to "undo" the taskbar icon removal is to flash the stock services.jar file found here or restore a Nandroid backup.

You already saw how the taskbar looks without the clock in my screenshot above, so here's how it looks without the battery icon and without both. The screenshots below are from xda-developers forum member JsChiSurf, who deserves all the credit for this great mod.

No battery icon:


No battery and clock:


[xda-developers] Thanks, bk!

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