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Unlock With WiFi uses your home’s WiFi network to unlock your HTC EVO

UnlockWithWifi Everyone is concerned about what might happen if you lost your HTC EVO out in the wild. But when you are safe and home, it is annoying to do the unlock dance every time you want to use your device, whether it is the entering of a PIN, passcode, or pattern. Now with Unlock With WiFi, being within reach of your home's WiFi network will keep you from having to input your password every time.

Now most people immediately ask, "What happens if someone steals your phone and goes to your house? They can get into your phone due to this app." Fortunately, the developer has got you covered and already thought through this scenario. The first time you enter into your WiFi network range, you still have to enter the password once to gain use of the device. Once you have entered your password once, every time you turn on your device the home screen will greet you rather than the lock screen as long as you stay within your network.

Now if you have more than one wireless router broadcasting, this app works based on your router's BSSID and not the SSID of the network, so you need to make sure that you either enable both routers in the app or that you connect to the same one every time.

Included with the app is some great power saving options such as toggling GPS, Bluetooth, and Auto Sync based on your connection to the network at home. In the free version of this app you will only be able to connect to one network but with paid $4.00 version you can connect to as many networks as you want.

Head over to StreakSmart for the comments to see what some people who have been using it for a while have to say about the app and any shortcomings they might have found in the few months they have been using it.


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