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Get Advanced Power Menu and other goodies on your rooted HTC EVO 4G

2011-11-22_13-09-01Remember back in the Froyo days when you held the power button on your HTC EVO and a bunch of options showed up in the pop-up menu? Those were good days.

By default, the HTC EVO 4G on Gingerbread has just three options: Power off, Restart, and Airplane mode.

A few months back, G&E showed you how ca1ne added a 4-in-1 Reboot Mod into the Power Menu. And now, thanks again to ca1ne, we can now enjoy the full Advanced Power Menu on our rooted EVO 4Gs! This includes the 4-in-1 Reboot Mod and the following new options: Silent mode, Vibration mode, and Mobile network. Restart has been removed and replaced with Reboot (just hit Reboot > Normal for a regular restart). 

This modifies the android.policy.jar file that was previously discussed with tommytomatoe's song changing mod. And since I know a thing or two about editing .apks, I modded ca1ne's android.policy.jar to include the volume key-song changing mod. I also included another .jar that adds a mod that lets you wake your screen with the volume keys

These mods should work on all deodexed, Sense 1.0 ROMs running Android 2.3.3 based off of the 4.24-4.54 OTAs (and is confirmed to work on Swagged Out Stock). These won't work on Sense 2.1+ or the EVO 3D, but there are mods similar to this for other ROMs. 

Here are the flashable .zips (a dalvik cache wipe is recommended): 

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