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HTC EVO 4G OTA update 4.67.651.3 currently unrootable

Danger-Sign[1]Some HTC EVO 4G users have been reporting that in order to get the latest OTA update (version 4.67.651.3), they unrooted their phones, switched to S-ON, and then took the OTA update expecting to re-root their phones on the other side. Unfortunately what happened is they discovered that does not support the new HTC HBOOT . . . and that leaves them stuck with a stock unrooted phone.

Whether HTC changed anything security-wise with the HBOOT requiring new exploit code or the company just changed version numbers, Revolutionary will reportedly refuse to touch it.

While we don't doubt that a root method for the new update will be found eventually, right now we recommend that you do not 1) unroot your phone if you're rooted or 2) update via OTA if you're planning to root. You can still get the latest OTA from your favorite custom ROM developer.

When the official Gingerbread update was first released for the HTC EVO 4G, it took two months before a root exploit was engineered, and that was when a lot more developers were focused intensely on the device. As the original EVO is now coming up on its second birthday, there are significantly fewer developers still working on it, and HTCDEV has not listed the EVO 4G as something they're going to unlock.

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17 thoughts on “HTC EVO 4G OTA update 4.67.651.3 currently unrootable

  • i thought they weren’t going to be locking this stuff down anymore?

    anyways, since they are apparently still trying to stop rooting, i feel very lucky to have the dev support and being able to achieve root so late in ota updates and life span. i suspect our days are numbered on being able to root the evo. eventually talented folks wont care.

  • been crazy over at xda working with this one, again those new to rooting please do not unroot to accept this update!

  • Avatar of sucker for shiny objects!

    I have yet to venture to the root world. I am too chicken poo, & it would be another thing in life that my wife would label a “distraction.” Anyhow, if I was rooted I do not know if I would have accepted this most recent OTA (tho’ it seemed quite a few rooters did) ? Didn’t ROOT already offer most of the benefits of this OTA? Mainly CIQ removal?

  • Unrooting to accept any updates is just a bad idea in general, I don’t know why anyone still does that… The rooted updates are usually available within a day or two, at worst. They seriously can’t wait a day before the dev for their current ROM updates it or before someone puts out a stock rooted ROM? It’s just common sense folks.

  • Any phone made after a certain date HTC agreed to have an unlocked bootloader, EVO 4G is well before that date.

  • here’s the deal – CIQ was baked into everything, including the kernel. If you were running an AOSP based rom you were set, if you were running anything with a stock base kernel, you still had CIQ hooks being called all the time, though they were neutered.

    So basically the new kernel / update, one of the reasons we suspect it got better battery life was because a bunch of stupid code was removed.

    So, a bunch of people running stock / rooted did this, some others did it to get the new radios.

    And everyone could have waited a day or two for a nice no-hboot-changing flashable zip.

  • Avatar of Connor MacLeod

    Serves the impatient idiots right. I dont know why people assume that hey can always reroot, and have no clue why people dont just wait a day for the devs to post a rooted version of the ROM to flash. Some people just shouldnt be rooting their phones, and I swear to god some people deserve to brick their devices with their stupidity.


  • Unrooted to get mine fixed (power plug busted) last week. Saw the update and hadn’t re-rooted yet heard mention of CIQ being gone. So i figured what the heck. Who would have thought they would have fixed the bootloader this late in the game.

  • Avatar of Miguel Diaz

    I have never understood why people unroot their phone and switch there phone back to s-on to recieve the ota updates. I usually just flash a stock rom then use 3.70 ruu i found a while back to get rid of root while keeping my s-off, I have never had a problem upgrading with my s-off not even with the new ota. Then just download the otas til i have the latest radios then simply flash Amon Ra and MikG and go on with my day, This way as soon as i flash both these files my root is restored.

  • in rare cases, it’s the correct method of trying to fix an issue. If all else fails, S-ON, unroot, OTA update.

    And, if all you wanted out of rooting was to be stock but rooted, chances are you think that’s the easiest way to go.

  • wow, tell us how you REALLY feel…

  • Avatar of Dunston G

    I just rec’d the update from Sprint for ver 4.67.651.3 and the ICQ Agent is gone. (That doesn’t mean the didn’t hide it somewhere else)

  • Avatar of Ytsejamer1

    Thanks Jim. I too have been using that method. For this update, S-OFF remained, as did my superuser rights. Score! I actually did have to install AmonRA again in order to have a recovery option. Otherwise, it just went to the red triangle with the exclamation point. Last time, S-Off remained, but had to flash the superuser.

    At this point…i’m not going to bother with reflashing the SuperUser. My root required apps are all still working just fine…on Android 2.3.5 stock. Time to get rid of some HTC/Sprint junk again.

    I’d have to imagine, this is the last update for the good ‘ol EVO 4G.

  • Avatar of Ytsejamer1

    I spoke too soon. Root Explorer was working fine, but the Google Tether was a little funky…network SSID wouldn’t show, couldn’t cleanly stop tethering, etc. So I decided to flash the SU again. Once I did that, everything worked as expected.

    All these OTA updates are a hair different with what I end up doing from the one that preceeded it. Oh well. But those directions Jim linked to are spot on and very helpful.

  • root explorer was working fine to run, but the instant you tried editing / deleting / moving from a protected partition it would have errored out.

  • I honestly dont know when the new ota update comes out, i uncheck the “check for updates” box on all sense based roms. It’s not worth losing root or bricking my evo for a pos update. Trust me when i first rooted my “1st” evo, I wasn’t all to shabby on flashing roms and what did I do accepted OTA update and sure enough, it bricked my phone. Took it into sprint and told them that the update bricked it they didn’t know I was previously rooted, and got a replacement. Since then, did the research and watched vids and now I can say I am never going to brick my precious little evo again.

    PS: if you don’t know what your doing do research instead of messing up a bad ass device


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